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Water gun history

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-01-21

Most water gun history pages have focused on the accomplishments of Lonnie Johnson and the Super Soaker brand. While the Super Soaker brand may be the most well known brand of water guns, there is much more to the history of water guns. I have researched the history of all water guns extensively to create this very special section of our website. Expect all you thought you knew about water gun history to be turned upside down. I will also include many pictures of unreleased and prototype water guns in this guide.

The history section is currently being worked on. Research is complete, but some pages still need to be written. The pages will be published as part of the regular updates SSC will have. Check back soon!

Era Description
Beginnings and the squirt gun era (up to 1983) Development of the squirt gun was the first revolution in water shooting devices. Contrary to what most people believe, most aspects of current water guns were developed during this extremely active time.
Electric water gun era (1984 to 1988) Electric water guns, invented in the previous era, finally achieve popularity after Alan Amron licenses his electric water gun design. Lonnie Johnson tries to market his water gun design.
Early Super Soakers (1989 to 1992) The Super Soaker brand takes off to huge success, but not without controversy. Other things occur behind the scenes as well.
Golden age of Super Soakers (1993 to 2001) Larami improves their Super Soaker brand every year during this period. Classic water guns such as the Super Soaker 300, XP 150, XP 250, CPS 2000, and the "Legendary" '98s all were made during this period.
Years of decline and stagnation (2002 to present) The Super Soaker brand peaks around 1998 to 2001, but starting in 2002, the end of very large water guns begins. In 2003, Hasbro completely absorbs Larami and the Larami name ceases to exist. Buzz Bee Toys is created from former Larami engineers. The water gun market declines in general, but grows slowly during the decade.

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