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What the APH is and is not

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-11-11

The APH is specifically designed to be a homemade water gun as easy to build as possible with high power and much flexibility in design. I specifically chose parts that are easy to find. The parts are not necessarily the best, but they are common. Substitutions can and should be made if possible. Tools chosen are common as well and there are different methods and tools that will work just as well if not better. Likewise, the general specs of the water gun such as the size of the pressure chambers and pump I chose based on what I find useful. You may prefer something different.

If you're looking for a better homemade water gun, take a look at any of the other guides here or adapt the generic APH described in the guide to fit your needs. Do not feel limited by what I do or do not do in this guide. If you have a good idea, try it out! That's what makes homemade water guns fun.

Basically, the message here is that 1) the basic APH is not the greatest water gun ever and it was not designed to be that and 2) you can make it better or use another design if you want to. The APH is primarily a shell that many people can make and build off of.

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