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Pictures of a completed APH

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2007-12-23

This image shows the two different size APHs I have made. The single chamber one is lighter (2 pounds versus 4 pounds) and pressurizes faster.

This is a picture of me several years ago holding my first APH after a water fight.

Here's me walking around with a CPS 1000 and an APH. This image should show everyone who thinks an APH is huge how big it really it—it's a little bigger than a CPS 1000.

The top APH is the one I made for this guide. The bottom one is the first homemade water gun I made. Note the length difference and the difference in the size of the pressure chambers.

My first APH sitting against a tree.

A close-up of the front end of the water gun.

A 1/4 inch stream firing from an APH.

My first APH and a backpack I made.

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