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Copper water guns

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2007-12-22

Those living in Europe who are interested in homemade water guns may have a hard time following our APH guide because it uses plastic PVC pipe. In Europe (especially the UK) from what I am told, copper water guns are easier to build. We don't have as detailed of a guide for copper water guns as we do for PVC ones, but the images and links below should help someone interested in building a copper water gun.

The two images above are from insanitys_engineer. He built another copper water gun and has some more information available on our forum.

Above is joannaardway's copper water gun. There is a thread about this water gun on our forum.

If you make a copper water gun, please consider writing a guide about it to put on our website! Check out our content submissions page for more information.

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