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Storing Your Soaker

Written by RacerSoaker
Last updated on 2004-09-09

I am writing this because I have seen all the kids on my block leave soakers outside for days on end, that's how over 50% of water guns get wrecked, if people leave their gun outside for long periods of time, the gun gets faded, dirty, and most of all, dirt and things get in the internals. So, let's get started on making an effective storage solution.

Choosing a spot to store your gun

Well, we know now NOT to leave the gun outside for more than 5 hours per day, so, where should I store it? Well, here's a small Do's and Don'ts list of how to pick a spot:
  • DO store the gun in a dry location.
  • DON'T store in direct sunlight.
  • DO store in a place easily accessible, like a garage or basement.
  • DON'T store outside. (I don't care if it's in a shed or not.)
  • DO store in a cool environment.
  • DON'T store where little kids can reach them.

Choosing a method to store your gun

So, now you have a location to store them at, but how? Some effective methods of storage are shelves, pegboards, or cabinets. My favorite method is to take a shelving unit, wrap the shelf in bubble-wrap or put a towel over it, then take a plastic bag and put a soaker in it. Very effective, and safe for your favorite guns.

Also, make sure to keep your gun clean; a good idea is to wash the guns every other week, and a bad idea is to never wash your gun. Make sure to use a soapy towel to get it completely clean.

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