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Classic Series Reviews

Last updated on 2008-01-18


Everyone knows the story: Engineer Lonnie Johnson builds a device that shoots a stream of water across the room powered by air pressure--the Super Soaker was born! The first line of Super Soakers by Larami performed admirably for their time, but by today's standards they fail in most cases.

Common Pros

  • first major line of air pressure water guns

Commons Cons

  • Leaky
  • Hard to fill
  • Fragile


Name Year Type
SS 10 1993 Pressurized Reservoir
SS 20 1991 Pressurized Reservoir
SS 25 1993 Pressurized Reservoir
SS 30 1990 Pressurized Reservoir
SS 40 1993 Pressurized Reservoir
SS 50 1989 Pressurized Reservoir
SS 60 1993 Separate Air Chamber
SS 100 1990 Separate Air Chamber
SS 200 1991 Separate Air Chamber
SS 300 1993 Separate Air Chamber
SS MDS 1993 Separate Air Chamber



Common Modifications

  • None recommended.

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