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Super Soaker Max-D Secret Strike

Last updated on 2008-01-16

Name Product Details Specifications
ManufacturerHasbro TypeSeparate Air Chamber
Release Year2003 Reservoir Capacity750 mL (25.8 oz)
End Year2003 Chamber Capacity180 mL (6.3 oz)
AvailabilityDiscontinued Pump Capacity4.6 mL (.16 oz)
Original Price Shots Per Tank
Typical eBay Price Pumps Until Full40
LineMaximum Distance Weight Empty
PatentsD485,872 Weight Full
Marks2 Dimensions16 in. L by 3.9 in. W by 11.8 in. T
NozzleLevel RangeAngled RangeAverage OutputShot Time
Mainftft1.8 oz/s3.5 s
mm52.2 mL/s
Fan Blastftft2.3 oz/s3 s
mm66.7 mL/s

ShadowStalker's Review

This is truly one of a kind gun, because unlike any other new blaster out there this gun is completely new; there is no other gun like it, but it has a big loss of range from the Max-D 5000. It has Max-D range, about the same as the XP 270. This gun's neat point is that when you pump it the water that sits at the bottom of the blaster will get sucked up in the top firing chamber for the riot blast and when you fire it will fill up on her own you can even fire the riot water is stored can be used even after the main firing chamber is empty. And unlike the other Max-D's guns Hasbro did make the trigger guard a little bore roomy for big hands. But for people that have bigger hands than me, you're out of luck. Because of where the reservoir is placed at the bottom of the gun, it makes the blaster feel very balanced in one's hand (so long as one's hand fits in the trigger-guard region). When the pressure is great enough, the firing chamber will then be filled with pressurized water. Its primary nozzle has a good output at 2x. The stream produced has a good consistency and the Max-D trigger system on this blaster feels more durable than on the initial Max-D line. To activate the secret-strike option, one needs to press down on the large orange button that sits atop the blaster. The fan blast can be a very effective close-range saturation attack. Limiting the amount of water accessible by the secret-strike attack also means that one will not accidentally use up all their water in one long fan attack. It also means that if one has used up all the main reservoir's water, but has never used the secret strike attack you will have 1 last shot remaining in their blaster.

Using the Secret Strike attack: If there is still remaining pressurized water in the main reservoir, it will automatically refill the pressure chamber. The Secret Strike is the only gun to be able to do that. To properly empty the firing chamber after use takes a little longer since one has a larger volume that needs to be pressurized. A bad thing is the pump's placement, sticking out forward even when retracted. And I saw that one of the nozzles leaks a little after you shoot, but that's normal because all Max-Ds do that.

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12003OriginalEqualGrey body; red reservoir and chamber.
22003OriginalEqualGrey body; blue reservoir and chamber.
  • Review, Pros/Cons, and Statistics by ShadowStalker
  • Lightweight
  • Moderate power
  • Not too hard to pump
  • Leaky
  • No strap
  • None recommended.

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