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Last updated on 2009-07-18

Without tactics and strategies, a 10 person army will be crushed by a 30 person one. However, once your 10 people add strategy into the game, your 10 people will seem a lot more forceful. Read these articles, and then choose the strategy that would work perfect to crush your enemy.

If you have any specific tactical questions, read out Tactics FAQ.

General tactics articles

Title Author Date Description
Water balloon launchers Sapper 2002-09-25 Why you shouldn't use water balloon launchers.
Battle gear Sapper 2002-11-04 What you should wear to a water war.
Bases Sapper 2002-08-12 Information about base defenses and how to contruct and handle your base.
Caching Sapper 2002-08-12 How to secretly store weapons, water, food, and such in a water war.
Field communication Sapper 2002-08-12 How to securely communicate during a battle.
The value of shot time Ben 2006-04-22 An article about the advantages of homemade water guns with very long shot time in the minutes.
Why skill doesn't win wars Elliott 2007-06-26 Why skill alone doesn't win water wars.
Outnumbered Sapper 2004-08-12 Strategies to use when your team is outnumbered on the battlefield.

Tactical Theory by DX

Title Date Description
Summary of The Tactical Theory 2007-09-01 A recommended read if you are new to water warfare and/or to the Tactical Theory. This summary might also be helpful after updates of the theory.
Kill Denied: The Founder Defense 2007-05-29
Mortal and Natural Influence 2007-05-29
Following Up Your Offensive Action 2007-05-29 Following up attacks, ambushes, reverses, and single role missions.
The Battle Zone and Relative Power 2007-05-29
Speed 2007-05-29 The role that speed plays in water wars, and how to control it to great effect.
Battle Tempo and Controlling Time 2007-05-29 This article explains the difference between influence exerted by human players and influence exerted by various aspects of your battlefield. It also outlines ways to avoid losing a war to factors besides your human enemy.
Tap-Pump and Reservoir Shot Time 2007-05-29 The Tap-Pump shooting method and how it helps you conserve water and pressure.
Unconventional Tactics 2006-04-22 7 useful tricks that your enemy probably will not expect.
Fighting Styles 2007-08-06 A listing of many different styles of fighting in water wars.
Outnumbered: Playing to Win 2006-10-13 How to win if you are outnumbered.
Users, not guns, win wars 2006-04-20 There are more important things in water wars than which guns are the best.

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