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CPS Custom Assault Rifle

Now here's a water gun that means business. In this report, contributor JLspacemarine shows off his CPS Custom Assault Rifle, which features an onboard water reservoir, a spherical rubber bladder, a functional trigger system, and a nifty black paintjob. Check it out!

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Archive mode

Written by Ben on 12-03-2011

The forum is now in archive mode. Registration and new posts are disabled except for moderators and administrators. A list of questions and answers is in the next post.
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Archive mode to start in December

Written by Ben on 11-24-2011

As had been detailed before (, these forums are too old to maintain well. When I have the time in December, I will disable new posts and new user registrations and set up some appropriate notices to funnel those interested in water gun discussions to ( It's been a good 8 years, but everything must come to an end, and this is the end of the SSC forums. This also means the end of active development of the SSC website, which admittedly has not been updated much in the past few years. Please note that the forums will remain online for as long as I can manage. They will merely be set up as an archive. I do not guarantee that the forums will remain online indefinitely, so please backup anything you find has value.
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SSC images subdomain hacked

Written by Ben on 09-13-2011

A week and a half ago someone uploaded a new index.html file to our images subdomain. I believe this was due to the permissions of the public_html directory being too permissive as there is no indication that the hacker knows any of SSC's passwords. I have changed the appropriate passwords regardless and have removed the file. Firefox and other browsers may report that is an attack site because of this hack. I'm working on fixing that. Edit: This was fixed rather quickly.
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Site and forum cleanup

Written by Ben on 07-28-2011

I will spend a few hours in early August going through the website and forum to clean it up a bit. Many of our website pages are dated and could use newer information. If you have any ideas to help clean up the website, please let me know here. My main ideas so far involve refocusing the homemades section to make the differences between the designs more clear. I'd also like to remove anything I think might be dangerous. If I have time, I might redo the APH guide with different parts to improve the build quality and safety, but that's doubtful at the moment.
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