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Water gun videos

Last updated on 2008-01-21


Video name Description
XP 85 commercial The old Camp Super Soaker style commercial for the XP 85.
Super Soaker 100 commercial The Blues Brothers inspired commercial for the Super Soaker 100.
XP 55 commercial Old commercial for the XP 55 which pits XP 55s against older Super Soaker line blasters.
XP 150 commercial The XP 150 commercial. Note the single pump action that never worked in real life.
Shout N Shoot commercial Commercial for the Shout N Shoot water gun. This gun apparently had problems because someone would start screaming to stop shooting at them and the gun wouldn't stop because that's how it worked.
2002 Super Soaker commercials Old 2002 Super Soaker commercials from the 2002 website.

Water war videos

Video name Description
Hydrowar water war videos Hydrowar has five water war videos of varying lengths. Some of these videos used to be hosted on Super Soaker Central, so if you want to see them, check them out on Hydrowar.
Water War 1997 DOOM inspired Super Soaker movie made in 1997.
"Blow Me Away" A video made by Ridgewood showcasing some of the areas they fight in and how their wars work.
"Battle For the Treehouse" "A young girl is chased by two punks on bikes. Shes runs to her treehouse and gets revenge. Silly short film made with my brother and sister in law. Made in Aug. 2003"
"Water War" Comedy water war video.
"Waterwars II"
"The Third Way" A very well made water gun comedy video featuring water guns that kill.
"Water War"

Other water gun videos

Video name Description
Engine powered water gun A very interesting small homemade water gun that uses a gasoline engine to shoot water.
Super Soaker inventor An interview by CNBC with Lonnie Johnson, the inventor of the Super Soaker. Includes how he got the idea for the Super Soaker and a short history of the Super Soaker.
Aqua Flash video section Loads of high quality water gun shot videos.

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