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Last updated on 2008-01-13

Modifications to water guns are upgrades to water guns. Many aspects of manufactured water guns are customizable. Here at Super Soaker Central we have many in-depth guides to modifying water guns. Power modifications such as the K-mod and Colossus can make your water gun shoot farther and have more water output. Nozzle modifications can change the size of nozzles or added a selector where there was none previously. Backpack modifications can add water backpacks to water guns that had no backpack earlier. Water guns can be modified in any way to work with any requirement.

If you have any general questions about modifications, read the modifications FAQ.

Modification For which guns? Description
Backpack modification A backpack modification adds a water backpack to a water gun that doesn't have a backpack. There are many different options for water backpacks, from PVC pipe, to water containers, to camelback water bags.
PC expansion PC expansion modifications increase the capacity of a pressure chamber. These modifications apply to all separate pressure chamber water guns, but mainly CPS ones.
Reservoir expansion Reservoir expansion modifications add water capacity to built in water reservoirs without adding a backpack.
Misc. nozzle modifications Nozzle drilling, nozzle reduction, the "shotgun" modification, labeling nozzles, and adding a handle to nozzle selectors.
Multi-nozzle Adding a nozzle selector to water guns without one.
Adding nozzle selector options Adding more nozzle selector options to water guns with nozzle selectors.
Pressure relief valve disabling All pressurized Removing a safety valve that can interfere with some power modifications. Also is a power modification itself on air pressure water guns.
K-mod Spherical CPS Layering balloons over the pressure chambers of spherical CPS water guns to increase power dramatically.
Colossus Cylindrical CPS Similar to the K-mod, except this modification layers bike tubes or latex tubing over a cylindrical pressure chamber.
PC swap CPS Swapping pressure chambers can put the performance characteristics of one water gun into a different shell.
Spring/rubber sheet modification HydroPower Two experimental power modifications similar to the K-mod and Colossus for Buzz Bee Toys' new HydroPower technology.
Individual gun
Mad Zook Splashzooka Increase water flow greatly on your Splashzooka, which in turn will directly affect range.
CPS 1-3-5 single nozzle modification CPS 1-3-5 Make the CPS 1-3-5 use a single nozzle all of the time.
Reliability modifications Modifications that increase the reliability of water guns, such as lubrication and reinforcements.
Accessory modifications A bunch of modifications that add features to water guns.
Painting How to paint water guns different colors.
Piston conversion Piston How to convert piston water guns into water guns with pressure chambers.

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