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HydroPower power modifications

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-05-19

Buzz Bee Toys' new HydroPower diaphragm system is a CPS alternative that is not modified very often. There are not many good modifications for it. The few that have been done are not comparable to the K-mod or Colossus. HydroPower modifications are developing, but this page will outline the few ones thought of and tested. If you have questions, do one of these modifications, or have an idea for a new one, please post at our forums about it.

To understand how HydroPower water guns work, read our guide on how HydroPower water guns work. HydroPower water guns have elastic pressure chambers made of a rubber sheet sealed against a flat surface with a hole to allow water flow. The rubber sheet stretches out from the flat surface.

Spring modification

The spring modification involves putting a spring inside the pressure chamber for provide more force on the water, creating more pressure. The first and only person to do this modification so far, Blaze, recommended a 2 inch long spring with about 5 to 10 pounds of force when compressed. To prevent the spring from damaging the rubber sheet, be sure to put something like newspaper or duct tape over it.

While that may be a temporary power up, later Blaze reported that his Blazer broke after this modification. The details of the break are lost to time. Perhaps someone willing to experiment can try this modification out again and see what happens.

Rubber sheet modification

While never done, the rubber sheet modification is similar to the K-mod and Colossus. Additional rubber sheets might be a parallel modification, but it is unknown if the PC case can support more rubber.

PC swap

Another option is swapping PCs for more powerful ones. This modification doesn't have much potential for success because to do it you have to have a more powerful HydroPower water gun like a Blazer to cannibalize to power up a newer HydroPower water gun. The Blazer itself is more powerful, so you should use that instead. This is really only a possibility when you have a broken older HydroPower water gun.

PC replacement

While it has only been done once, HydroPower water guns might be best off with a completely replaced pressure chamber. Cylindrical LRT chambers are the easiest to make, but attaching one would be a challenge. The internals and structure of the water gun would have to be modified to attach a cylindrical chamber. If you would like to do this modification or have done it, please post on our forums and visit the link I first mentioned.


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