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Last updated on 2009-08-13

Done with Super Soaker Central already? Good thing we have a links section. Below are many of our favorite websites that we're sure you'll enjoy.

None of the websites listed below under "Hobbyist websites" aren't worth your time. Every website we list has something unique and something that sets it apart from the others. So, check them all out.

Also interesting and related is our website archive which hosts many older, now offline websites that are also great resources.

Hobbyist websites

Website name Description The biggest water gun resource other than Super Soaker Central.'s main strength is the very detailed reviews and statistics, but don't think that the scope of the website ends there. The only thing that you won't find at that you will find here is homemade water guns. Also has a popular message board. Not a website, but a joint forum run by the webmasters of, SoakerMedia, Super Soaker Central, and many of the other websites listed here. A must visit, and must post at!
SoakerMedia One of the most active current websites, though still very much under construction. Currently features good tactics, war stories, and a popular water balloon launcher design, but it sure to feature much more in the future. Be sure to check back for updates.
Aqua-Nexus A favorite website of many. Though it has not been updated in years, the Aqua-Nexus still is one of the best resources for water gun information around. A must visit. Features good reviews with pictures and statistics and a good amount of war stories and war pictures.
Hydrowar A great website for war stories, tactics, and reviews from one of the most active people in the hobby.
ZOCCOZ Water Gun Library A highly underrated resource. Despite the atypical name and design, this website features a lot of reviews, pictures, and information you can't find anywhere else. A big focus in many of the pages is nostalgia and the original themes of power in Super Soakers. A must visit.
Guts'N'Glory This newer GNG website is incomplete, but nonetheless a great resource. Webmaster David Lucitt's attitude is fresh and his website feels warm and welcoming. It is a shame that this website was never completed. Visit the archives to see the website before it was redesigned - it contains a lot more information.
Downpour A small, but slowly growing website. Definitely one of the best of recent times. Features articles about homemade water guns, modifications, water balloon launchers, and war stories you won't find anywhere else.
Super Soaker Workshop Another highly underrated resource. Webmaster m15399 has another one of the best websites of recent times. Good articles on homemade water guns, repairs, and modifications. The explanations of how certain designs work is straightforward and easy to understand. Most links to this website are to those explanations in fact.
Aqua Flash AquaFlash is no longer online. Aqua Flash was an active resource covering a wide variety of areas. The website had very detailed reviews, some modifications, repairs, some general articles, and a big gallery with a lot of stream shots. Aqua Flash was one of the best up and coming water gun websites.
Hydrolysis Very detailed tactics and an email strategy game. Some would say the tactics are so advanced as to be unnecessary, but the sheer scope of this website sets it apart from others. No longer updated, but it used to be run by two people, one of which who ran one of the first Super Soaker websites.
The Omega Aquilae Some people might have trouble believing that this website was made in the year 2000. Piston water cannons? Latex rubber tubing? Sounds like today's latest innovations right? Actually, that was MrPukeOnYourHead years before anyone else. This website was nearly forgotten thanks to Aquatica's policy on modifications and homemade water guns. Good thing it never went down. A must visit. An extended version of this website is available in the archives.
The Super Soaker Arsenal This is an early version of the first Super Soaker website made by Ian Helfrich. It is an authentic version of the website as of 1997 when Ian was in college. The latest version contained a few more pages in a slightly different layout and had a logo of it's own, but Geocities decided they didn't want to host the site any longer. The website is well written and was a good place for the online Super Soaker world to start from. If the first URL goes down, let us know or try this link.
Aqualabs The first and only water balloon launcher specific website. Aquatech, the webmaster, never added too much information about regular water guns. Features a good solenoid valve water balloon launcher design not too different from most spud guns.
Soaker Sagas Not specifically water gun information, but still very interesting! Soaker Sagas features written stories about how people got into the water gun hobby and stories about specific water guns. A different angle done well.
Black Barracudas Squad How a team website should be done. The biggest reason to visit this website is for the CPS 2000 and CPS 2500 comparison information and the CPS 2250 modification that combines both the CPS 2000 and CPS 2500. Too bad this website was never completed.
AquaZone No big updates for years, but still a good source of reviews and pictures. The webmaster has been with the community for a long time.
Hydrotactics Good source of tactics. No longer updated. During it's time of activity it also hosted a fairly active forum for discussing the team's local wars.
HowStuffWorks: Water Blasters Commonly recommended guide to how a water gun works. Is fairly outdated, but definitely is a good website if you want to know how a water gun works. Also but harder to find on the same website are how older water pistols work and a water gun autopsy.
mikahw's Super Soaker page Older website, but has a lot of reviews and pictures, even pictures of the boxes of some old Super Soakers. Definitely worth a visit.
Hydrophiles One of the best websites in concept, but sadly what is online is dated and thus not as comprehensive as it could be. That's the only weakness however. The reviews and statistics of this website are stored in an SQL database, making sorting by statistics easy and recommended. This is how reviews should be done. Also features a good repair section and good information on how a water gun works. A good website. The premier German Super Soaker website. Used to be more active and have a guestbook that operated as a forum for German speaking water gun hobbyists. The website seems to have changed webmasters since that time. Another German language website. This website has more information than, but is older and no longer updated. Has many reviews and pictures.
The War Journals Very interesting team website from back in 1999. This basically was common ground for a few teams in California many years back. The results of battles, the water fighters themselves, and some interesting modifications are all featured on the website. Team websites really should have a page like this to inform those in the water fights and those interested about the water fights.
Wikipedia The Wikipedia article on Super Soakers contains some good basic information on the Super Soaker lines offered over the years. It does not however provide too much information. Since Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, perhaps someone would eventually update them to include more information (and that is a hint).
Liquid Warfare An older website with a good selection of well written reviews. Previously this webmaster ran another website called Super Soaker Elite.
Super Soaker Technology Institute By today's standards, this website doesn't feature any outstanding technology, but I suppose at the time it was being updated it probably was pretty good. Features many reviews, strategies, and a lot of other interesting stuff. The only problem may be the amateurishness of the presentation.
CBAC's Hydro Arsenal Another very old team website. This one has what was a fairly complete reviews section for the time.
The Ultimate Water Gun The first website with a homemade water gun. They hyped it up with ridiculous untrue statistics like 75 feet of range, but at the time no one had any reason not to believe the statistic. Years ago, if you mentioned building your own water gun, this was your only resource. Most of the files of were lost, but eventually they'll be found again. FPS At one time there was a website called that was the official Dutch Super Soaker website. It was a pretty cool website, but outdated by now. The most interesting part was an online Java FPS they programmed, and this is it.
ChrisReid's Super Soaker Collection Very interesting pictures of the world's largest Super Soaker collection. Worth a visit.
Syringes as water guns The only website about the use of syringes as water guns. Syringes do make good small pistons, are cheap, and readily available. Available in both English and German.
Digital Water Guns An online "museum" of older water guns. Has hundreds of pictures, but not too much information. Focuses mainly on small squirt pistols and the first air pressure water guns, typically copies of the original Super Soaker line. No longer updated.
I-Mockery Water Gun Mania! Interesting history of water guns from the first squirt pistols to the Super Soakers and everything in between (namely the Entertech water guns). The nostalgia focus inspired our own nostalgia section. Also includes a neat Entertech commercial that really shows how much water guns have changed.
Hoser - a water gun robot Very interesting and little known link. A college student back in 1989 made a robot that held and could fire small water gun. Back then, air pressure water guns weren't widely known options, but nonetheless this is a very interesting project. Such a robot wouldn't be too useful in a water gun (electronics + water = no), but this link definitely is worth checking out.
Super Shower Backpack Fairly in-depth webpage on making a good backpack for use on most any water gun. This website also has an air cannon suitable for use as a water balloon launcher and water gun.
How A Super Soaker Is Made Interesting webpage on the manufacturing process behind Super Soakers of the past. This is an example section from a book on how many products are made.
Wayne's CPS 2000 page A newer page (hence why it's down here) that has a lot of interesting things about the CPS 2000. The page contains personal stories about the CPS 2000, mark identifiying information, bladder repair information, among other thing. Move this up later to fit the approximate order of importance and add more to the description.
HydroBrawl Water Warfare A newer site with some good information about organizing wars, which guns to choose, etc. Once we reorganize the links pages like this one will be more close to the top.
ExtraWater Another new site with reviews, technology, tips, and forums.
The Soaker Nook Founded in 2009, this site hosts a smattering of articles about water warfare, water gun modifications, and more. There's a blog, too, which has already been updated twice as of the site's debut.

Want your website to be listed here with the others? Let us know. Just be aware that contacting us does not guarantee that we will link to your website. Your website has to be a quality resource or contain at least something interesting and worthwhile.

Manufacturer websites

Website name Description Hasbro's official Super Soaker website. Be warned: watch for a double dose of hype combined with blatant exaggerations about each water gun's performance and features. They do a good job of answering some basic questions however, such as where to buy and the price of each water gun. They also offer the current batch of commercials for download.
Buzz Bee Toys Buzz Bee Toy's website is far less promotional and far more useful to those looking for water gun images and information. A real person will answer your emails too!
Lanard Lanard manufactures the XStream and Water Weapons brands of water guns. They've been around as long as Super Soaker has, but no one has taken much notice until recently. Their official website doesn't have much information sadly.
Jakks Pacific Jakks Pacific is the company that owns the Storm brand. Their website doesn't have much information about the Storm brand, but nonetheless here it is.
Super Soaker 2002 From the beginning of until 2002, a company called Inverted Design did the web work. Their 2002 website is online in their portfolio. The older websites were more interesting, but this still gives you a good idea what the website was like in the past.
Super Soaker Replacement Parts Due to the sheer number of emails we get about replacement parts for Super Soakers, we now link directly to the page for ordering replacement parts. Previously we just told people to visit Hasbro's website and find it on their own, but apparently that's too much for some...
Super Soaker Instructions A few people also have asked about where to find older Super Soaker manuals. Hasbro hosts quite a few of them in PDF format at the link above. The page lists all manuals starting with the letter S, so you will have to sort through other products as well as the Super Soaker products.

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