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Last updated on 2008-06-04

Need to repair a water gun? You're at the right place. Follow the guide below and your water gun is likely to be working again.

Don't throw away a water gun just because it is broken. You have nothing to lose by attempting to repair your water gun: It's already broken to begin with. The worst that could happen is that your broken water gun will be reduced to... a broken water gun.

If it does turn out that your water gun indeed is broken beyond repair, you should also keep it to potentially use as parts in a future repair.

Also, do not continue use of the water gun if there is a problem. That is how minor problems turn into major ones. Repairing a less broken water gun is easier and always better than repairing a very broken water gun.

If your water gun was just bought recently at the store, you can avoid the repair process completely by returning the water gun. If a certain part of your water gun has broken, you may be able to buy a replacement part from Hasbro.

If you find that your problem is not listed here, please make a thread in our Repairs forum.

If you need help opening your water gun, check out the guide we just linked to.

If you don't know what part is what inside your opened water gun, read our article on this subject.

If you want some tips about selecting glues for repairs, read our page about glues and bonding materials.

Common water gun problems

Links to other repairs websites

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