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Missing parts

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2010-01-14


Some parts are missing from the water gun.


The only solution is replacement. Some parts can be ordered as replacement parts from Hasbro. Other parts might be harder to find. You can try asking at our forums for spare parts. If you have another broken water gun, you might be able to use spare parts from that gun, depending on what it has.

The the missing parts are something like screws or washers, go to a hardware store or home improvement store and pick up some more similar parts.

If a trigger is missing, short of finding a replacement trigger from another gun (which can be hard to impossible), you can wire trigger make a wire trigger.

If a water reservoir or backpack is missing, you can do a backpack modification to make another backpack.

If the gun part of the SC PowerPak is missing, you can construct a new gun. Post at our forum if you are in this situation because we don't have a guide.

If the firing valve is missing, you can replace it.

If anything else is missing and you'd like a spare or homemade replacement, post at our forum.


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