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Pump is hard to move

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-01-02


The pump is hard to move.


This can be caused by a few things. The first is inadequate lubrication. Pumps should be lubricated every once and a while for good measure anyway, so read our reliability mods page to see how to lubricate pumps.

Another problem could be a clog in the valves or tubing somewhere. Due to the screen that prevents anything larger than a certain size from getting into the water gun, the clog likely is at the screen level. Open up the water gun and locate the connection between the water reservoir and the pump assembly. This connection is made with an O-ring on the water reservoir. Separate the reservoir from the pump assembly and look inside where the pump assembly attached to the reservoir. There should be some screens in there, and if they are clogged, remove the clog.

Sometimes tubing leads from the water reservoir's attachment to the pump can get a kink in it too. Unkink it if that is the problem.

This problem has not been investigated much and the solutions above are only potential ones. Please post at repair forum if you need any other help or can provide another solution.

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