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SC quick-fill coupling leaking

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-01-20


There is a leak from the quick-fill coupler. It could either leak when filling up or just as the water gun is being used.


If the gun leaks when filling, the O-ring likely is missing. Go to a hardware or home improvement store to the plumbing section with the water gun and find an O-ring that fits over the slot in the nozzle.

If the gun leaks when filling from the quick-fill coupler and the O-ring is present and seals well, it could be a problem with the quick-fill device itself or the leak could come from somewhere else. Post at our forum with your problem and we'll help you out.

You should try some tips for repairing leaks in general. Check for the location of the leak around the fitting. Is it leaking from the middle of the coupler? Check for cracks, and if it is cracked, fill the crack in with epoxy. Read the tips for repairing general leaks for more information.

If the gun leaks from the quick-fill coupler straight in the middle where the water is suppose to go in, the seal in there is broken, and that could be impossible to fix, so read the next suggestion.

If the quick-fill coupler is not necessary because the water gun has a pump (such as the Monster XL, SC600, or many other water guns), you can seal it off to prevent any future problems. Get some course sandpaper and putty epoxy and seal the hole off.

If the quick-fill coupler is necessary but it leaks from the middle due to a bad seal, you may have success by cutting it off cleanly and then epoxying a hose coupler onto that spot. Post at our forum if you want to try that.

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