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Can not pull trigger, water gun is stuck pressurized

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-01-07


Your water gun's trigger can not be pulled. The gun is stuck pressurized.

This is a relatively common problem for K-modded water guns and CPS 2000s. If this happens to a newer water gun, this guide will not repair it, so post at our Repairs forum.


The problem can be caused by two things, and for both, the solution involves opening the water gun.

After opening the water gun, check to see if the firing valve pins and levers are aligned correctly. Many times these can get out of alignment, making pulling the trigger impossible.

After checking the pin alignment, move the gun to a place safe to shoot it and pull the pin that opens the firing valve to fire the water gun. If the pin is hard to pull even here, take a pressure chamber off (but be prepared for the splash).

If the valve is hard to pull, it is because the pressure is so high that the seal in the valve is essentially pinned in place. The only way to prevent this problem in the future aside from pulling the trigger harder is to reduce a power modification to reduce the pressure. Pumping less can also prevent this problem, but to a limited extent in CPS water guns. If the gun was not modified (as is the case with many CPS 2000s), you're out of luck aside from possibly pumping less. The PC may have hardened with age, so you can replace the PC with one that creates less pressure. Try the single layer first and see whether or not that works.

The valve can also be replaced with one that does not close up at high pressures. However, I suggest valve replacement only as a last resort because it is a rather drastic measure.

If you have any additional problems or questions, feel free to ask at our Repairs forum.

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