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Pump handle broken on CPS with tracked pump

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-01-02


The pump handle doesn't seem to move the pump any longer. Whatever attachment between the pump handle and the pump seems to be broken.


If your pump handle doesn't seem to be connected solidly to the pump itself, it probably isn't. This is a classic and relatively simple repair. I would recommend doing this to water guns before they break. For this repair, you will need a bolt about 3/16 or 1/4 inch in diameter, a nut, and a drill (a hand drill or drill press will be perfect).

Open your water gun. You will have to remove the pump first by unscrewing the screws in it.

In the image above, I am making sure the drill bit I have is the right size. It is. This 3/16 inch drill bit fits into the pump's hole without much room, so it is the right size to drill into the handles.

Here is the handle with the bolt, nut, and the screws for the handle. The hole on the top left of the pump handle is where we will drill.

Here I am making sure the bolt is the right size for the pump. It is because it's a 3/16 inch diameter bolt.

I drilled a hole in both sides of the pump handle where the bolt is now to get the images above and below.


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