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Joint cracked off internals

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-01-04


One of the joints on the internals of your water gun has cracked off.


Depending on where the crack is, this problem can be a nuisance or break the water gun permanently. We suggest posting at our forum if you have this problem to give you some more specific solutions. The remainder of this guide will be rather broad and general.

If an unimportant piece such as the pressure gauge of a Max-D 6000 as shown in the image above breaks off, you can seal that part off with epoxy putty or plain epoxy. Epoxy putty is better for this application because it has a volume.

The image above shows the pressure relief valve of an SC 400 snapped off. This valve isn't necessary for the function of the water gun. If the pressure relief valve snapped off, it likely wasn't working to begin with, so sealing that end off might be a good idea. However, if you wanted to attach two pieces like this, go to a hobby store and ask where the telescoping brass is. Telescoping brass are brass tubes that come in a wide variety of sizes. Bring the broken piece (in the image above that would be the black valve) and find a piece of brass that fits relatively tightly inside of the tube. Buy that piece, cut it short, and then epoxy the two pipes together with the pipe as a brace. Often when a joint breaks off like above, there are plastic pieces that break off as well, so putting the pieces together as is doesn't work. You need something to fill those spots in.

Again, if you are having any trouble at all, feel free to please post at our forum.

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