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Misc. nozzle modifications

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-06-23

Nozzle enlargement

Nozzles can be enlarged in a number of ways. The most common way is to simply take a hand drill with a drill bit larger than the current nozzle and to drill the hole larger. When drilling larger nozzles, be careful not to drill too deep. Sometimes you have to open your water gun to get a good idea how deep to drill. On CPS series water guns, drill only a little deeper than the nozzle to prevent damaging the screens inside of the nozzle. On water guns with nozzle selectors, you can remove the nozzle selector and drill straight through that with a drill press if you want to.

Nozzle reduction

Nozzle reduction is similar to nozzle enlargement, except here you fill in the nozzle with epoxy or putty epoxy and drill a smaller orifice than the original.

Nozzle removal/"Shotgun"

For a "shotgun" blast, you simply remove the nozzle selector so that a nozzle orifice bigger than the nozzle selectors are. On guns without a nozzle selector, this modification involves sawing off the nozzle.

Nozzle selector handle/labling nozzles

Adding labels to nozzles can help identify which one you are using. Adding a handle can help change them more quickly as well. On my CPS 2700, I found a handle that was used to pop the hood of a car, drilled a hole in the nozzle selector, and attached the handle with a small screw and washer. Any knob or handle you can find with a threaded attachment would work fine here.

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