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What are the best water guns in 2008?

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2008-05-20

2008's water guns are not up to the standards of Super Soaker's peak in the late 90s and early 00s. However, there are some good water guns available today.

First off, no, there are no secret stores still selling older CPS water guns. If we knew of any place that was a reliable and cheap source of these water guns, it would be plastered on every page of this website.

From the Super Soaker series, the Arctic Blast, Hydroblitz, and Flash Flood are all CPS powered water guns, although they are not as powerful as the older CPS series. Hasbro has a page about where to buy Super Soakers if you want to know a specific store.

The Water Warriors series is typically suggested more often and the Tiger Shark and Orca are their top of the line water guns. These water guns have a CPS alternative called HydroPower that isn't as constant as normal CPS but is more constant than air pressure. Buzz Bee Toys does have a where to buy page on their website, but it is incomplete as of this writing. You should be able to find Water Warriors water guns in K-mart, CVS, Rite Aid, and online retailers like

As for which water gun you specifically should use, that depends on what you want. You will have to do your own research and decide what you value. If you want a water gun with a nozzle selector, any of the Water Warriors water guns are for you. If you want a "big" blast, the Super Soakers mentioned are for you. If you want a backpack, the Super Soakers are for you because they can be more easily expanded than the Water Warriors water guns.

If these water guns are not good enough for you, there are always thrift stores, eBay, and yard sales for older water guns. Homemade water guns are an option too.

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