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Homemade nozzle laminator

Written by JLspacemarine
Last updated on 2008-07-20

This is a homemade nozzle I've build a year ago. It was first meant to be used only on my powerpak replacement gun but I discovered how good it was for any water gun mod/project. I tried fixing it temporarily onto my CPS 2000, as well as using it on my CPH and my Hydroblitz(new mod, coming soon). All these experiments has been so successful that
I decided to detail the construction of this Laminator.

Strongly inspired by the CPS 2000's nozzle construction, the laminator consists of a simple but effective combination parts:

Building the laminator: materials
-3/4" to1/2" threaded reducer (x2)
-3/4" threaded PVC sleeve
-Drinking straws
-Screen mesh (x2) (I found those in my house along with spare sink parts, so they should be available in hardware stores)

Building the laminator: step 1
First you put the screens in the reducers like this. (they fit perfectly)

Building the laminator: step 2
Then you pout the sleeve along with eight straws. You must cut the straws so that they are just long enough to fit perfectly. Add the final reducer.

Building the laminator: the result
The finished product.

That's it! Thick laminated streams for any homemade project or nozzle mod.

Note: This laminator is only working with large streams. End caps drilled too small are most of the time not very effective or will shoot strangely.

The laminator in action:
Super Soaker Power Pak: 7/32 inch nozzle
^ Endcap drilled to 7/32". Probably the best nozzle size to use for a good combination of range,output and shot time.

Super Soaker Power Pak: 5/16 inch nozzle
^ Endcap drilled to 5/16".

Super Soaker Power Pak: no nozzle
^ No endcap. As you can see the powerpak can't supply enough water flow to power such a large stream.....

Super Soaker Flash Flood: no nozzle
.....But that's not the case of the flash flood. ;)


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