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Parts of a Water Gun

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2003-11-05

This is a short article that shows the parts of your soaker inside and out if you don't know them.


Outside of the gun.

  1. PC, stands for Pressure Chamber. This is where the pressure you create by pumping is stored.
  2. Nozzle. Where the stream of water comes out.
  3. Reservoir. This is where you put the water that you are going to use, so that it can be pumped into the PC.
  4. Handle.
  5. Trigger.
  6. Pump.
  7. Handle.


Internals of the gun.

  1. Reservoir. See #3 in the Externals for a description.
  2. PC. See #1 in the Externals for a description.
  3. Nozzle.
  4. Case.
  5. Pump.
  6. Pump tube.
  7. Trigger.
  8. Trigger valve. The valve that releases the water in the PC.

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