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Guide to soaker shopping and saving

Written by Jadefalcon09
Last updated on 2004-10-24

I'm sure a lot of the members already know how and where to get there soakers, but this is a guide for new people to the site. This guide contains information from old threads that contained tips on where and how to buy soakers.

In the spotlight and comparison

Into the spotlight of soakers, you feel you need that blaster, because it's the best. Believe it or not, the water gun has been in a very steep slump for about the past 3 years. Only a single company ran the scene, Hasbro, who wasn't producing blasters adequate to the likings of the community for practical Water Warfare. While you will see those Soakertag guns or EES weaponry on the common battlefield today, you will also see other teams, the Elite of the Elite.

Compared to the guns that are available today, you compare their guns to yours. You think yours is pure crap right? Well we are here to fix that. Most Elite teams use a type of Water Blaster called the "CPS line, in where the stream, power, capacity, even sometimes size outmatches its Air Pressure brethren. While you may feel your gun is not crap, you may feel that it is inferior. There are a number of places you can get the Elite weaponry, but be warned, it is a difficult trek to find them, and will cost top dollar.

What can I do?

Well, from here I assume you're not a spoiled brat, who uses their parents for money, I also assume you buy your own soakers at this point. If you do, good job, that shows responsibility in a young adult. As for buying Soakers, you will need to find an income, and to what extent I can help with. Find a job, ask for an allowance increase, or just be a general help to your community or family, it eventually gets rewarded with something. For me, I started my own business from cutting lawns the past 2 summers, and I made about $500.00 USD from it.

Obviously, the good thing to do with this much money is to NOT BLOW IT ALL, and save it. If you need a special gun that bad, get ready to take a lot out to pay for it. If you won, congrats, just hope it didn't blow too much out of your pocketbook. There is always a way to find income, even if you think it is hopeless. Like Edison said, "I haven't failed; I've just found 10,000 ways it won't work."

From here it depends if you're a collector or user. If you're a collector of water guns, watch the spending, and only go after the big sharks occasionally. For users, only get what you really need, do you want to be stuck with a cannon to big for ya?

Also look to the community for opinions, as to if this gun is for you. Read statistics off, and most importantly ask, it's the way to get answers.

Where can I look?

  • eBay, or other Auction Sites - If you are lucky, most of the time the high powered ones are here. Be ready to shell out tons of money, people will get on personal levels to win that "CPS 2000" that could be the last one ever in the history of eBay. Of course another may pop up, we don't know. Generally this isn't a good idea, but go for it if it is a last resort. Also check the "This week's eBay Guns" thread at the SSC forums for found guns on our radar.
  • Garage Sales - You may be lucky to find something for really cheap, but I doubt it. While I have not found anything from Garage sales, it is a good idea to check around anyways. Think, a CPS 2000 for 200 dollars off eBay, or one moderately used, excellent condition from a yard sale for 5-10 USD?
  • Other Users Online - Possibly. I'm not saying this is bad, or our members are scammers, but generally not trading/buying/selling with other members out of auction sites makes everything a little more difficult. However there are some good people here, and most are honest, good people
  • Toy Stores - I'd imagine you're almost guaranteed to find something here. Check stores Like Toys'R'us, or Sports Authority, they may have some CPS's left from previous years sales. I scored at my Local Toys'R'Us in Kutztown, I scored 3 CPS 4100s left there at 33% off.

Keep your guns in good condition, and never throw one away unless it's completely useless. Upgrading from Air Pressure to CPS in the front line is an Awe-Inspiring experience, to which many don't get to experience today. Good luck, and post a message at the SSC forums if you have something to add to help others find soakers.

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