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Storm 2500

Last updated on 2008-01-16

Storm 2500 Product Details Specifications
ManufacturerJakks Pacific Type
Release Year Reservoir Capacity
End Year Chamber Capacity
Availability Pump Capacity
Original Price Shots Per Tank
Typical eBay Price Pumps Until Full
LineStorm Weight Empty
Patents Weight Full
Marks Dimensions
NozzleLevel RangeAngled RangeAverage OutputShot Time
Riot Blastftftoz/ss

Freakmist's Review

This gun is pretty darn good. It has two nozzles, one regular and a blast cannon on the pump. You can pump it up and use the regular nozzle alone by turning the pump cannon off (it has a switch) or use the pump cannon alone by turning it on, and to fire it you just pump, or for major soaking, use both of them. I got 21 ft. range for the regular cannon, and 25 ft. range for the pump cannon. By the way, these are estimates, and yours may vary. It can also be a good defense gun, just hook up your "Unlimiter" and you won't have to pump or reload. It's sold separately though.

Other Sites' Reviews

  • Review and Pros/Cons by Freakymist
  • Awesome power
  • Fairly light
  • Reasonable price
  • Not much water can be carried in tank
  • Batteries needed if you want photon light
  • Low Range

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