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Super Soaker XP 105

Last updated on 2008-01-21

XP 105 Images: 1 Product Details Specifications
ManufacturerLarami TypeSeparate Air Chamber
Release Year1996 Reservoir Capacity1100 mL
End Year1997 Chamber Capacity
AvailabilityDiscontinued Pump Capacity
Original Price Shots Per Tank
Typical eBay Price Pumps Until Full
LineXtra Power Weight Empty1.3874 lbs
Patents Weight Full3.8125 lbs
Marks Dimensions21.5 in. L by 5.5 in. W
NozzleLevel RangeAngled RangeAverage OutputShot Time
1xftft2 oz/ss
mm58 mL/s
Riot Blastftftoz/ss

Sapper's Review

The XP 105 was a very good primary weapon back in the day. Now, it has been reduced to a heavy sidearm. This blaster started the chain that is now: XP 105, XP 110, XP 310, Max-D 6000. The blaster has only two unique features including the riot blast (The 105 is the only blaster with the riot blaster feature in its chain) and the pressure gauge, which all of the blasters in its chain has. However, a mythical glow-in-the-dark XP 105 is rumored to be in existence.

Larami rated the XP 105’s nozzle at 1X, but I measured it and it appears to be a 2X. The riot blast is equivalent to a 10.5X. However, the riot blast only has an effective range of about a meter (3 ft.) To activate the riot blast, twist off the nozzle. The pump is comfortable and your hands fit perfectly on it. It only takes about five pumps to pressurize the pressure chamber as well.

Overall, the blaster is comfortable and useful for a light weapon. Unfortunately, Larami discontinued it in 1997. If you find one, be sure to pick it up.

I suggest using this blaster for scouting and small skirmishes only! Overall, I would give this blaster a 92% out of 100% because of the reservoir problems.

This blaster is a good back-up weapon, and in the day, was quite powerful. However, we are unfortunately not in the day of XP 65s or XXP 275s any more so this blaster's status as a great main weapon has been reduced. It would be tremendous if you added a belt clip to this weapon. For more information on a belt clip, the MiB Alliance is a good place to look.

Rokai Makaru's Review

This is a great water gun with a large tank and dual pressure chambers. Even though the nozzle is not very large, it shoots over 45 feet at full pressure, and isn't some wimpy little stream. There is one notable pro and con about it. The nozzle is easy to remove to make a 6 foot long 'shotgun' blast. But the nozzle snaps of easily and breaks also, which happened to mine, reducing it to only a shotgun. I give it a 7.5 overall.

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11996OriginalEqualGreen body; purple chambers and reservoir; yellow pump; marked "Xtra Power XP 105" on body; small "Air Pressure Super Soaker" logo on reservoir.
21997RereleaseEqualGreen body; purple chambers and reservoir; yellow pump; marked "Xtra Power XP 105" on body; large "Air Pressure Super Soaker" logo on reservoir.
3Glow in the DarkEqualGlows in the dark; blue body; white chambers and reservoir; green pump; marked "Glow in the Dark!" on body; .
  • Review and Statistics by Sapper
  • Review by Rokai Makaru
  • Photo by Snake
  • Pros/Cons by Ben
  • Lightweight Large pump
  • Outdated

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