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Super Soaker XP 85

Last updated on 2008-01-20

XP 85 Product Details Specifications
ManufacturerLarami TypeSeparate Air Chamber
Release Year1996 Reservoir Capacity37 oz. (1100 mL)
End Year1998 Chamber Capacity
AvailabilityDiscontinued Pump Capacity
Original Price Shots Per Tank
Typical eBay Price Pumps Until Full15 to 25
LineXtra Power Weight Empty20 oz. (.57 kg)
Patents Weight Full57 oz. (1.62 kg)
Marks Dimensions19" x 9 3/4"
NozzleLevel RangeAngled RangeAverage OutputShot Time
3 nozzlesftftoz/ss

Hyper9's Review

Bad attempt at a good soaker on Larami's part. This soaker is the meaning of crud. One might think a soaker with three nozzles is good, but is NOT good at all. The water reservoir is small, and lacks power. The workmanship on this gun is cruddy, as after about three uses, the part connecting the soaker with nozzles broke, rendering it utterly useless, unless you use one hand to hold the nozzle on the gun. I would not recommend this soaker to anyone.

Other Sites' Reviews


11997OriginalEqualYellow body; green reservoir; black pump and detailing.
2RereleaseEqualOrange body; transparent green reservoir; blue pump and detailing.
  • Review and Pros/Cons by Hyper9
  • Three Nozzles
  • Bad workmanship, fragile
  • No off setting for the nozzles
  • Weak shot power
  • None recommended.

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