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ZX 1000

Last updated on 2008-01-16

ZX 1000 Images: 1 Product Details Specifications
ManufacturerGemmy Industries TypePiston Pumper
Release Year Reservoir Capacity
End Year Chamber Capacity
AvailabilityDiscontinued Pump Capacity300
Original Price Shots Per Tank45
Typical eBay Price Pumps Until Full
Line Weight Empty
Patents Weight Full
Marks Dimensions19 in. L
NozzleLevel RangeAngled RangeAverage OutputShot Time
Main26 ft37 ft3.45 oz/s3 s
7.9 m11.3 m100 mL/s

Ben's Review

My mom bought bought this rare soaker at KB-Toys. It holds almost as much as a CPS 2700, but in a much smaller package, and gets around 45 shots per tank, but those stats do differ from person to person.

This soaker is probably the soaker that is most worth its money because it has a large reservoir and almost a 5X nozzle. If you see one of these, pick it up. It's a great backup weapon. There are 2 problems that I see and both can be fixed. If you don't screw the gun on the backpack tight enough, it will leak. Also, after a while, if you pull the pump too hard, water will shoot towards you thought the small holes between the nozzle and the gun casing. They should have glued it on better. But just cover that in something like epoxy or Elmers Glue or whatever and it's fixed. It is probably the best PowerSoaker clone ever made. The backpack that comes with it will barely fit on my 9 year old brother, so put it over your arm.

A very good trick that you can do with this soaker is when you keep pumping until the entire pump shaft is full of water. That makes your shot time huge.

RacerSoaker's Review

I picked up this rare gun at KB toys recently and, despite the cheap looking packaging, it is a really good gun.

At first glance, it looks like another awful no-name brand gun, but it's actually very well made. It's very simple to use- no pumping required. Just pull back the main handle, then push it forward to make the water come out.

The backpack is a nice addition, but the straps on it are way too small. The gun is black and yellow, with a sticker on the backpack.

For USD $8, how can you go wrong?

Other Sites' Reviews

  • Review, Pros/Cons, and Statistics by Ben
  • Review by RacerSoaker
  • Lightweight for it's capacity
  • Very cheap(5 USD)
  • 45 Shots per tank
  • Able to shoot very fast
  • Great power for its size
  • Hard to find
  • Can leak if not screwed on tight
  • Can shoot water back at you
  • Bright color
  • Power, range and such depend on the user
  • None recommended.

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