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1v1 skirmishes

Written by Spinner
Last updated on 2006-07-21

Finally got round to testing out some of my new soakers today in battle. Held three 1HK skirmishes against my regular opponent; finished off with a soakfest.

1st Skirmish

Using a XP 250 against an XP 110, protracted fighting ensued. With the wind in my opponents favour, thus enhancing his 110's range, and also with him protected to some extent by an upturned table, victory was slow in coming. Finally eliminated him in what would be termed in cricket a "soft dismissal" - as he ran up a drive on the other side of a tall hedge, I was fortunate enough to hit him with my steep-angle shot.

2nd Skirmish

This time using an XP 110 versus a XP 150, this was possibly my fastest 1HK ever. I simply stood round a corner I thought him likely to come around - he appeared practically immediately after the fight started, and from about 4' my XP 110's blast did the job.

3rd Skirmish

Same weapons as the 2nd skirmish - nothing really notable about this fight. I was again victorious with a 110, the winning shot on this occasion coming while we traded shots through a car gateway.

1HK result: 3 - 0 to Spinner


In terms of who won, it couldn't really be said to have had a clear victor - we were both soaked to the skin by the end of the fight, with barely any dry spots left between us. However, it was a good opportunity to see how well some older soakers perfomed in sheer soaking ability; we used an XP 150 with riot blast, an XP 110, a CPS 1000, and a SS 300. The SS 300 was especially impressive, and easily held its own against the CPS 1000; the CPS 1000 also, however, packed a good punch, and pitted against a non-backpack soaker such as a CPS 2100, might have proved itself more useful.

With regard to the XP 150 and XP 110, tests after the soaking indicated that the 250 had slightly better range than the 110 - the 110, however, had the advantage of being able to re-pressurise its chambers in just two pumps. Two guns worth their salt!

So credit goes to all the blasters used today, which all perfomed well. The honours today, though, go to the SS 300, which was really the king of today's battlefield.

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