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Battle Report: 4/9/06

Written by DX
Last updated on 2006-04-09

The team strength today was 6v4, and the score was 8-7, a hard-fought, close Militia victory. Contrary to my predictions, there were kills left and right, the highest total score we've ever had. I even got hit once. I don't even know where to start, since the battle was epic and filled with confrontation. Nibordude couldn't make it so I was commanding against Belisaurius and Guderian.

Ok, I'll try to recall the correct sequence of events...

This was at the Goffle, for many their first fight there. I gave a few options for starting places, we ended up choosing the dam. Waterbridge waited at the top of the main entrance path while we moved to the dam, then across and over to High Point. Of course Waterbridge had vanished somewhere.

So we moved again, away from the heights through the back road and forded. No sign of the enemy. We came to the corner and climbed the hill to the treehouse. No enemy. Moving back towards the entrance path along the top of the ridge, we finally spotted them.

Nick and company ran, so we gave chase. They crossed the dam, we followed, they disappeared. We saw them running out of the composting lot and away somewhere. The Militia was still one group of 6 as of now, we didn't want to split just yet. Walking leisurely out of the lot and towards the brook, we spotted them set up on the other bank. Jay and I were able to cross farther upstream unopposed and sprinted for Nick's flank. This caused his defence to collapse and they ran, with us crossing and regrouping.

We then started an oblique flanking attack slowly gaining ground at an angle on the ridge and forcing Waterbridge back. We killed 3 of them, pinning Matt against the OB line. He got behind a tree near the brook and we actually couldn't get him since the angle of the metal fence prevented a direct flank shot. The 3 of them came back in, Matt forded and got away, we exchanged kills. It was about 5-3 us and we let them walk away while we waited for out own to come into play again.

Waterbridge had forded, so when we found them, we exchanged gunfire across the brook. I threw a few water balloons. One would have hit Nick, but by luck he moved to adjust his position against half of our team which was fording and it missed by inches. The next balloon hit Nick square in the chest, but bounced off. Lucky again. Dan, on our team, flanked Waterbridge from the rear, but was outnumbered. He ran, they killed him easily. 5-4 Militia still leading. Waterbridge stopped to defend near the entrance to the composting lot where the Militia got quite scattered, some on that bank, some on this one, in different areas.

I then made a daring move in fording where I couldn't be seen and directly scaling High Point. But that drained my energy, and I couldn't get as close to their rear as I wanted to. Waterbridge saw me too early, and 4 on 1 in the open with the wind against you = you're good as dead. 5-5. Another cooling off period, but in the earlier chaos there were kills I didn't know about. 7-6 the new score.

Waterbridge crossed the dam, with us splitting again and attempting a sprinting main and flank attack. Kills were exchanged before they ran away. 8-7 Militia. We regrouped, took our time, reasoned that we didn't need to be aggressive due to the one kill lead. So we casually tailed Waterbridge until we lost them.

We made our way all the way down the main path and back up to the treehouse, identical to the way the battle started. No enemy there. That made a nice resting place until it got boring with no sign of the enemy. Time was winding down, we still had that one kill lead, and there was no sign of any human life. So we moved again, this time along the top of the ridge to the top of the entrance path. We figured that Waterbridge would make their way there because Nick was getting picked up there at 5 PM. It was 4:45.

After taking up positions and waiting a long time, I spotted Waterbridge way way way down the main path, great eye-work on my part. We hid behind trees, they saw us of course, but did not attack for obvious reasons. The position was at the very height of the ridge and they were at the bottom. They kept going and we moved to mirror them. We played it carefully and decided not to get lured in to attacking. They came back around, we fell back, they did not attack against such odds.

Time ran out, so we held on to win 8-7!

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