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Battle Report 5/21/06

Written by DX
Last updated on 2006-05-21

Today's war was a 5v3, 7-1 slaughter of Waterbridge on their home territory by the so-far-unbeaten Ridgewood Militia. I had never before seen such a complete victory, nor has the team ever won by a 6 kill margin. This is written from my perspective and does not include all the action since I was not involved in every engagement. Nibordude's rendition should have a lot more detail of kills made in areas where I wasn't present.


Nibordude-CPS 2500
Duxburian-CPS 2500/CPS 1100 [didn't use the 1100 though]
Cliff-Flash Flood/CPS 2100
John-Flash Flood
Jay-Xenon or Krypton, forgot which one


Belisaurius-XP 270
Guderian-never saw his gun
Hannibal-Flash Flood?

The Early Developments

We started at the Spring Street Bridge as usual, with Waterbridge walking into the park to find an initial position. Jay was late, so we called him and told him to meet up with us down the path when he came. After a few minutes, we filled up at the brook, and proceded up the bluff to decide on what we wanted to do.

We decided to play this aggressively, to attack and keep things hot for as long as possible. So we started off away from the main path along a small fence and then into the reeds. There are these bamboo-like reeds that grow all over the place in thick groves. One of which is especially dense and is called the Sacred Grove. We plunged right through it so that we could move to Stonewall without fear of ambush.

Arriving at Stonewall, the enemy was spotted in a thick grove of reeds nearby. We moved out of Stonewall through the thorn bushes [my legs actually weren't that scratched up] and spilt to flank them.

Waterbridge was surrounded in the grove. Nibordude and John in the reeds saw Guderian at close range, yet Guderian did not see them. Nibordude tapped John on the shoulder, who then nailed Guderian for the first kill of the battle. 1-0.

Belisaurius and Hannibal fled to Ivy Hill, then doubled back when Nibordude, Jay, and I moved to flank them at the extreme right side of Ivy Hill. We doubled back to chase them. Moving up the path, we sighted Waterbridge again in that same grove. Nibordude moved around Stonewall to engage them, while Jay and I stayed on the path. I saw Guderian running towards us on the path, being chased by Cliff and John. He was caught in a lethal pincer, and easily taken out. 2-0. In some confusing action around the grove, Guderian was hit for a third time. 3-0.

The Middle Developments

The team regrouped, and we decided to move to the East Bank. Waterbridge had fled to who-knows-where, so we had time to formulate a new plan. Walking down the East Bank, we stumbled upon the position called Echopont, at the fringe of the reeds. The East Bank has thick reeds on both sides, but an empty center where the power lines run through. [A public-right-of-way]. A light rain started to fall, but according to the rules, if it's not raining when the battle starts, we fight it out to the end no matter what.

So Echopont provided shelter from the rain and a good ambush spot. Cliff and Nibordude guarded the fording spot, while John, Jay, and I set up ambush positions at the fringe. Cliff and Nibordude forded to engage the enemy, but no kills were made. We stayed put, as the rain changed from light to moderate, then moderate to heavy. A scene right out of Vietnam, heavy rain, tropical looking plants everywhere. I gathered a few reeds to put over my head in addition to my gun, which helped keep me a bit drier. Maybe half an hour passed by. Cliff and Nibordude came back to us to inform us that Waterbridge was moving toward the Spring Street Bridge. We were going to catch them in a pincer.

The Late Developments

Cliff and Nibordude forded to Waterbridge's rear, while John, Jay, and I ran along the East Bank to the bridge. We got there before anyone else, so we took up ambush positions. Sure enough, Hannibal emerged down the path running from Cliff. He never saw us. When he was perhaps a mere 3 ft from John's hiding place, we popped out and nailed him from out of nowhere. 4-0.

Nibordude and Belisaurius now came walking down the path. Both had been hit in the firefight down there. 5-1. We re-grouped and exchanged news as Belisaurius and Hannibal walked off to the portion of the park north of the bridge. It was made in play for this battle as a test. Guderian had not been hit, but was hiding well to our rear. Since he was no threat, we moved as one against the northern area. That section is like the East Bank, with reeds on both sides and an open center. The brook crosses it, under a small bridge. They defended this bridge, but poorly. We made sure to stay out of range of the fringe on the other side of this bridge. Belisaurius was easily outranged and hit. 6-1. We drew out Hannibal with superior range and hit him too. 7-1. Turning back to the Spring Street Bridge, we saw Guderian walking up with no gun. He had basically given up. With 25 minutes left, Belisaurius and Hannibal also gave up, seeing as even if they magically were able to eliminate the whole RM, they would still be down by 1 kill!

So it ended, our most successful campaign to date. Sorry that I couldn't get pictures or film, since this was one heck of a hardcore Vietnam-style battle, but had I brought cameras, they would have been ruined by the rain.

Next week's battle takes us to the Goffle Park, for another 2 hour epic showdown. We're 2-0 for the season so far, looking to go undefeated!

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