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Battle Report 5/28/06

Written by DX
Last updated on 2006-05-28

Today's war was a 3v3 in which the Ridgewood Militia steamrollered Waterbridge 13-8. The unofficial score was 16-9, but we didn't count the chaos that took place in the final seconds. This war featured early deception, two long defensive stands, and finally an unusually long stand-off at the upper dam filled with shots and kills. I actually had to refill my gun multiple times, although I never let it go past half pressure or less than 1/3 of a tank. It is funny that a war with so little offense had such a high score!

Ridgewood Militia:

Duxburian: CPS 2500
Nibordude: CPS 2500
General Zee: CPS 2100/XP 310


Belisaurius: weird/rare unidentified air pressure gun
Hannibal: Flash Flood
Ben "Blue Man": CPS 2100

The Early Developments

When Waterbridge arrived, it was just Belisaurius. So we thought it was going to be a boring 3v1. We gave him 5 minutes to hide, then went out to find hiim. We made a broad sweep of the East Bank, sighting him, but soon losing him in the distance. We swept all the way from the entrance path to the treehouse, with no luck. Across the brook, Nibordude hear him, so we crossed and made our way up to Corning and the open lot. Nothing. So we moved to High Point, and found a fake Blazer lying there, full. We also spotted a backpack at the base of High Point, which Nibordude retrieved. Free drinking water for the three of us!

Of course, it was too good to be true. Nick's two hidden temamates made a bad ambush [since we saw them early] and were forced up to a mound. When they tried to fight their way down, both were hit. Nibor was hit [cheaply] but we gave it to them. Hannibal conceded a kill even though he wasn't actually hit [he rolled down the mound and landed on his back right in the middle of the firefight]. 2-1 Militia.

Hannibal and Ben [we called him Blue Man because of his shirt] now started yelling insults at Nick because he was off who knows where and did not support the ambush. They met up with him across the brook from High Point, and we pulled out our captured water bottles at this point. General Zee sang a strange song as we toasted to Waterbridge.

So they moved away and we slowly made our way to the dam for a refilling excursion. Rotating one by one, we refilled with the least amount of risk. Waterbridge was spotted at Corning, moving towards High Point, then towards us. In ambush position, we watched as they carefully moved closer. Closer, closer, closer, then I sprang the ambush at about 40ft, but they beat a hasty retreat into the mounds and out of sight.

The Middle Developments

Rather than attack them, which is what they wanted us to do, we moved across the dam onto the East Bank and up high. With our backs to an OB line, we sat there and waited. No attack came. There were people at the dam, but they turned out to be bikers. We waited maybe half an hour before Waterbridge took the hint and forded downstream to our left. We spotted them far away on the left and moved to counter, staying along the top of the ridge that runs the full length of this bank. They moved into a defensive position about 100 ft away, and both teams just sat there, daring the other to attack. We wanted to see some aggression, but Waterbridge wouldn't do it. They finally moved down to the bottom of the hill to devise an attack plan.

They made a bad 3 flank rush [only 2 flanks were attacked at first] which was stopped. Belisaurius moved on the left flank at last, where I stood ready to counter him. We faced off behind two trees right next to the OB line. Nibordude and Ben traded shots from the right flank, right on the OB line, while General Zee pinned Hannibal behind a tree in the center. It was a classic stand-off, with some very close shots made. We did have to call a time-out for one kill dispute, but that was resolved with a visual check. No kill, still 2-1.

The stand-off finally ended when Belisaurius called for a retreat. I guess we ran them out of water. We charged, making their retreat a bit more hasty. They ran to the dam to refill, we ran to a gravel bar in the stream to refill.

We crossed and moved to Corning, then High Point and waited. After about 20 minutes, Waterbridge came up from Corning [they must have moved all the way around] and so we advanced to a mound halfway between High Point and Corning to give battle. A dumpster and mound nearby provided them cover. Kills were exchanged, 3-2. Hannibal was hit, 4-2. General Zee was hit, 5-3. Kills were exchanged, 5-4. Kills were exchanged, 6-5. Finally, Waterbridge withdrew a bit, and we ran away, low on water.

The Late Developments

At the dam, we started to refill, but Waterbridge popped up again. We held there, and prevented Waterbridge from crossing the middle where water flows through it. Both teams now refilled by sending one person at a time, while the other two exchanged shots. In this way, the cycle would have allowed the battle to rage on infinately. Except for that fact that we made a kill, 7-5. Kills were exchanged, 8-6. Kills were exchanged again when Ben made a sucide rush, 9-7. We made a kill on Hannibal, 10-7. Kills were exchanged, 11-8. We made a kill on Belisaurius, 12-8. We made a kill on Hannibal, 13-8. As time ran out, Nibordude made a suicide charge on 20x and hit all three of them, 16-9. However, we did not count that, since it was utter chaos.

So we won 13-8. Normally we do not have such long stand-offs like the one at the dam, but since it was hot and somewhat near the end of the battle, no one felt like moving.

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