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Battle Report 20060610

Written by DX
Last updated on 2006-06-10

Today's war was a 3v2, 2-2 tie at Waterbridge. Low scoring and boring, at least up until late. It was a weird war, with moving and ambushing taking center stage.

Ridgewood Militia:

Duxburian: CPS 2500
General Zee: XP 310
Logan: CPS 2500


Belisaurius: Thunderbird
Guderian: CPS 2100

The Early Developments:

At first, only Belisaurius was present. It was a 3v1 at that point, so we thought "oh great, he probably has some friends hidden somewhere again." So we were quite cautious. We engaged immediately, backed off, took some high ground near the bluff, and dueled in the bushes. Belisaurius eventually ran away, so we fanned out to give chase and sweep for "friends." About in the middle of the West Bank [this is Waterbridge, not Goffle, the banks and physical features are totally different] we spotted Belisaurius in our rear. So we chased him that way.

At the Spring St Bridge, he continued running, and popped into the right side bushes of the East Bank. Reeds grow into thick bush-like groves on both sides, with the center open. Power lines go down both sides. We stayed toward the left and spotted Belisaurius deep in the reeds.

We surrounded that grove, but he forded! Logan remained and I ran back around with General Zee. I attacked him right in the middle of the brook, but he easily got away. General Zee then cwent back to the bridge and around to look for Logan. Evidently, Belisaurius and Logan engaged in a short firefight out of my sight. We parleyed for a kill dispute, but since there were no witnesses, we decided that those kinds of disputes will automatically end with both players out. 1-1 the score now.

Reunited, we decided to head to the middle of the West Bank and sit there. I refilled, then Belisaurius came back. We chased him to the sandbar where we normally refill, and of course he forded and disappeared. Rather than get our pants and shoes soaked, we stayed on the gravel bar. We were going to force him to attack us by acting stupid.

The Middle Developments

So we stood there, guns on the ground, skipping rocks out in the brook. We also raided Belisaurius's backpack, where we found soft drinks. A toast to Nick like last battle!

After possibly 30 minutes, I decided to go up to the path, just to check on things. The timing was perfect, as Belisaurius came running out of nowhere, alerting us all to arms. No kills were made, but we did manage to chase him to the bridge, where he crossed and disappeared.

We headed back to the bar, refilled, and crossed over the same bridge. I saw Belisaurius pop into the reeds on the right side. Well screw that. We kept on walking until we gained the path to the gazebo on the far left of the bank. Sitting there, we burned 15 minutes. It got boring, so we left. We came down to the Grove St Bridge at the other end of the park and walked straight into an ambush.

General Zee yelled "troll" which no one picked up on, since we were discussing the hiding place right under the bridge. Belisaurius was at the other end hidden under/behind the corner of it and hit Logan. General Zee hit Belisaurius after he sprung his ambush. By strange luck, I was hit on the shorts and right arm, but NOT the shirt! Since there was no water present my shirt, the ambush ended up being just a kill exchange. 2-2.

Guderian, very late, popped up, with Belisaurius very excited to see him. We all agreed on a temporary truce to refill. We all walked all the way back to the gravel bar.

The Late Developments

After refilling, Waterbridge walked to the left. We walked to the right, crossing the Spring St Bridge and onto the East Bank. There, we took up ambush positions in the reeds in the middle section of the bank, where we could watch the whole length of it.

Nothing happened. Right as we left ambush position, Waterbridge popped up at the Grove St Bridge. We disappeared into the Gazebo path and headed towards them, but from behind the shield of the reeds. Logan stayed near the path in ambush position.

General Zee and I watched Waterbridge walk by, then made our move. It took a while to get the thorns out of the way, but we got out and sprinted for Waterbridge's rear. Calling for Logan, he misread the signal and did not pop out in the expected place. So the pincer was unsucessful.

Rather than follow Waterbridge, we turned for the Grove St Bridge. I noticed that Waterbridge was slowly tailing us, which was a good thing. We would draw them into an ambush right after the bridge. Due to thorn bushes, we had to move further down the path. In ambush position, we waited, with Waterbridge going for it. However, they weren't being stupid. Guderian was sweeping the left side of the path, where General Zee and I crouched/lay. I triggered the ambush a bit too early, but they were about to sight all of us. They ran across the bridge, and we set up on it. Behind a telephone pole, Guderian held easily, with Belisaurius trying to flank the bridge from down in the reeds. He couldn't get a good approach.

Time was winding down. Logan had disappeared ever since the ambush. We assumed he was attempting to pincer by running all the way around. But a few minutes later, the battle officially ended. So 2-2 remained the final score. We later learned that Logan was eaten by a thorn bush, and took 15 minutes to get out of it.

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