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Battle Report 20060708

Written by DX
Last updated on 2006-07-08

Today's war was a close 3v4, 6-4 Militia victory at Waterbridge. Our first ambush was so perfectly executed that, had it been filmed, it would have stunned many here. Despite being outnumbered, we managed to win, and at one point, we actually led 6-1.

Ridgewood Militia:

Duxburian: CPS 2500
Nibordude: CPS 2500
Smeasle: CPS 2500


Belisaurius: Thunderhead
Guderian: XP 310
Alkis [Blue Onion]: Monster X
Hannibal: Flash Flood

The Early Developments

We filled and split, as usual to start. Waterbridge walked down to who-knows-where, and we walked toward the Spring St. Bridge. We decided to start things off with an ambush, rather than a direct engagement. So we headed over to the East Bank and into the reeds. There is a very sweet ambush spot in the middle of the bank, where you can see the whole length of the bank down to both bridges, the whole mile of it.

That's where we entered the reeds and waited. Smeasle and I took up positions on the left and Nibordude headed to the right, a bit behind us. The plan would be to draw the enemy in and hit them from behind.

Let's just say that it would be hard to make a more perfect ambush. Nibordude got visual, gave us handsignals, and we got ready. Waterbridge came down walking in a single file line, right past Smeasle and I. Nibordude jumped out, causing Guderian and Alkis to actually come backing our way. We jumped out, 10x flowing. Guderian got hit in two directions by myself and Nibordude, Alkis got taken out in the chest by Smeasle. 2-0.

The I took off after Belisaurius and Hannibal, whom I chased all the way back to the Spring St. Bridge, before givving up and returning to the ambush spot.

The Middle Developments

Guderian and Alkis slowly walked back to the Spring St Bridge to regroup, while the RM moved further away. The ambush was such a shock to Waterbridge that they refused to come out onto the East Bank. So we went after them. Heading around the Grove St. Bridge, we proceded cautiously through a narrow ambush spot and towards Telos-Groven. However, guess who was waiting in the reeds between Stonewall and Telos-Groven? We spotted "charley" in the reeds to the left and attacked, driving Waterbridge back to Ivy Hill.

We mirrored their moves on Ivy Hill by moving further down the path. Of course Waterbridge doubled back, so we doubled back too, and watched them lying down below Ivy Hill. Perhaps they thought we were going to scale Ivy Hill and come down the right flank and they would ambush us there? Wasn't going to happen. We stayed put on the main path, forcing them back up to Ivy Hill. We moved towards Telos-Groven, but keeping low so they couldn't see us. They doubled back. We mirrored their move. I stopped to catch my breath, and Belisaurius popped up. 3 10x streams forced him back into the reeds.

But then the other 3 enemies popped up out of the reeds on our right flank and charged. That caused us to start running, and then Belisaurius came back around to our left. However, superior firepower pushed him aside, opening an escape route, and ending the pincer threat. Hot in pursuit, Waterbridge minus Belisaurius was closing in at about 20ft away. So I stopped running, turned around, and sacrificed myself, hitting both Alkis and Guderian in the process. 4-1.

Now we had a cooling off period to go refill. At the gravel bar, we decided to set up another ambush in this narrow high ground right across the path from that gravel bar. A lot of bushes and three thick trees provided great cover. Smeasle and I went up, with Nibordude staying in the reeds below to trigger an ambush like the one earlier.

After what seemed like forever, we finally heard Waterbridge approaching. They must have circumnavigated the park, for they were coming from the Spring St. Bridge. Nibordude established visual, then Smeasle and I could saw them coming along the path. Right past us again. Nibordude popped out, we popped out/down, and Guderian, way far forward, got cut off.

Nibordude advanced to fight Belisaurius, Alkis, and Hannibal, while Smeasle and I ran off to try and take out an isHey, that's funny!ated Guderian. He got away, but we were able to block the way back, so he couldn't take Nibordude in the rear. While regrouping, Guderian slipped past us to rejoin Waterbridge. In that action, Nibordude killed Alkis [Alkis' 3rd death in the war] and Hannibal. 6-1.

The Late Developments

Now here's where we wasted our big lead. We had decided to hold Ivy Hill. As soon as we saw Waterbridge coming, we should have left. But we stayed. Ivy Hill is quite wide and hard to defend with a small amount of people. It is also a death trap. Last war, we took Ivy Hill in a record 30 seconds. It may not have even been that long. It took Waterbridge about 5 minutes today, but they still did it quite easily. Smeasle covered Belisaurius in the center, I took on Alkis on the left, and Nibordude held off Guderian and Hannibal on the right.

Just when I was making progress and forcing Alkis back, Guderian and Hannibal made a big push and took out Nibordude. 6-2. With them rushing up the now vulnerable right, our defense collapsed. Retreating to the very edge of the OB line at the top of the hill didn't help. In the current wars, 2 against 4 in the semi-open is death. We didn't think to rush one person, and instead tried to hold them all off. And therefore we both got killed without an exchange. 6-4.

About 30 minutes were left when we left Ivy Hill to take our automatic free refill. That's what you get when your whole side goes down. From the gravel bar, we decided to return to an ambush position on the East Bank. Crossing the Spring St. Bridge, we found a nice position and waited. Waterbridge did sweep by, but never got within good ambushing range of the reed fringe. With 5 minutes left, we emerged and cautiously made our way towards the Spring St. Bridge. There we found Waterbridge, who also knew the time. Exactly 3:00 PM, and the official end of the battle.

So the RM held on to win 6-4, and improved our record to 5-0-1!

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