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Battle Report 20060709

Written by DX
Last updated on 2006-07-09

Today's war was a 2v3, 4-1, exhausting Militia victory. We circumnavigated the Goffle countless times, most of it via running. By the end, we were too tired to attack, or even come down from the top of the East Bank ridge [which runs the entire length of the bank].

Ridgewood Militia:

Duxburian: CPS 2500

Nibordude: CPS 2500


Belisaurius: Thunderhead

Guderian: CPS 2100

David: CPS 2100

The Pre-Battle Developments:

I discovered early enough that my 2500 trigger had nearly broken clean off. So I was able to call my dad back to bring me another 2500.

The Early Developments:

Waterbridge walked down the entrance path and to who-knows-where. When my gun arrived, we then came down the entrance path. Waterbridge was spotted at the bottom, walking along the main path to the left. They passed us, so we decided to follow them.

A good distance in the rear, we followed them for quite a while before they sighted us. In the direct engagement which followed, Nibordude and I climbed up the bank a bit for the defense. In the semi-open, we settled on a certain tactic to negate the enemy advantage in numbers. I made a name for it: the Pendulum Defense.

What we did was take cover behind trees, isolated, but within support distance of each other. This caused Waterbridge to split its 3 members across to try and flank us. Two engaged, while one moved around the flank. We promptly moved up the hill and took new positions, which halted the flanking manuever.

Waterbridge started flanking again, which was met with a change in position, but this time around their own flanking flank. This made their line stretch around in the opposite direction to meet us. When they got a flank manuever going again, we moved again. Waterbridge's line resembled a pendulum on a clock, swinging back and forth to meet our position adjustments. Eventually we got really tired and went for Guderian. Nibordude slipped in crap after being hit by Guderian, and while Guderian was watching that unfold, I hit him in the shoulder from behind. 1-1.

The battle was paused because we thought Nibordude was hurt. Really, he was washing off crap instead of blood. As soon as the battle resumed, I made a few fake handsignals, then we took off in the opposite direction. Sprinting through the forest, I looked back and saw Waterbridge pursuing leisurely. So we lost them and headed to the dam.

The Middle Developments:

But instead of setting up on the dam, we came over to a big tree branch and hid behind it. Nibordude shifted up the hill to watch the rear, while I watched the main path. Belisaurius of course popped up in the rear, so Nibordude drove him back. Waterbridge formed up and Nibordude charged David, resulting in David turning to retreat and getting hit. 2-1.

Then I popped out and made for Waterbridge's rear on the main path. This caused Belisaurius and Guderian to take cover behind a tree. Belisaurius was hit [3-1], so Guderian ran into the swamp, hotly pursued. I was able to hit him when he slowed down, having lost his shoe. 4-1.

Guderian found his shoe, and Waterbridge went to take their free refill. Somehow, we had managed a "3-and-out" on them. We took our own "free" refill further down the path and crossed. Moving down the Corning path, we came to a narrow part of the West Bank. Waterbridge was spotted crossing nearby. So we moved even further down and crossed.

Up a bit on the ridge, we hid behind a tree as Waterbridge crossed back. Finally spotted, they started coming up in the usual formation. Nibordude and I did not have the energy to start another pendulum defense, so we took off. Again we were pursued leisurely, allowing for a quick getaway. Walking all the way back to the dam, we crossed the dam and took up positions on the Ambush Point above the dam.

The Late Developments:

Of course Belisaurius had to pop out on the Heights path and ruin our resting period. We ran between mulch piles and into the back of the open lot. Waterbridge minus Belisaurius gathered on top of one of the mounds, and some fire was exchanged. But with them on top of one, they couldn't follow us. So we took off yet again, this time to Corning, down to the brook, and across the brook.

Waterbridge was heard at High Point, mirroring our move toward the dam. But we took a turn up to the top of the East Bank ridge and proceded to head toward the entrance path. At the top of the entrance path, we rested and let time expire, as Waterbridge came up too late for more action. We hung on to win 4-1, another outnumbered victory. 6-0-1 on the season!

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