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Battle Report 08/19/05

Written by DX
Last updated on 2006-06-10

This war was a 4v3 at Waterbridge, Militia attacking. Waterbridge won 2-1, although this was one of the closest games we've ever had. It was a 1 point game until right at the end.

With such close numbers, kills were very difficult to obtain. Unlike in past wars, this one had nearly constant action, whether direct engagement or leisurely pursuit.

Twice when I was running them down, I fired for what would have been a kill, but no pressure was left! Waterbridge also hesitated ambushing us while we were playing with a rope swing on the bluff. So some good opportunites were missed.

This war featured a lot of moving and a lot of flanking. It also had some more sprinting pursuits on our part, which sometimes caught Waterbridge off-guard. Of course, as mentioned above, when I did have a perfect kill set up, my gun ran out of pressure and nothing came out when I fired. The 21K does not have good shot time.

Artillery was not used in this war, and water balloons were not much of a factor. The only ones I threw missed terribly because I threw them from a very difficult position and stance.

I'm looking forward to more wars like this one.

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