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7th War of 2005

Written by DX
Last updated on 2005-11-06

This actually happened a while ago, but a proper war story was never posted here...

The 7th war of the season featured low turnout [2v3] in a huge battlefield [Goffle Park]. In our wars, a single person makes a world of a difference, and numbers are often more important than skill.


  • Belisaurius: XP 310
  • Guderian: CPS 2100
  • Hannibal: Flash Flood

Ridgewood Militia

  • Duxburian: CPS 21K, CPS 1100
  • Nibordude: CPS 1500, CPS 12K

Belisaurius, Guderian, and Hannibal represented Waterbridge against myself and Nibordude for the Ridgewood Militia. They gave us 15 minutes to get to a starting position. We chose to hide in some bushes near the Upper Treehouse, with our backs to the OB line.

Like I expected, Waterbridge came up to investigate the treehouse. We should have sprung the ambush when 2 of them were inside, but we hesitated and attacked when all three were walking away. They drove us back to our bushes, and we put up stiff resistance for about 30 minutes. Ultimately, we were both killed, and reformed down at the brook.

Waterbridge took their time in pursuit, which gave us time to find a place to refill in the almost dry riverbed. We then hid behind a tree and waited for them to pass by on the other bank. Waterbridge had a mile of space in front of them to search, and we wouldn't be there!

Nibor and I next returned to the treehouse area to retrieve our amazingly unsabotaged gear and supplies. Water balloons, a 12K, etc. were still there. They took my 1100, but at that moment I wasn't worried.

The next move was a steady advance at the top of the ridge staying as close to the OB line as possible. We did not want to be seen. At the entrance path, I took out my cell phone and we stopped to literally call for reinforcements, with no success.

From there, we moved further down the path, crossed the upper dam, and moved along the Heights, arriving at High Point and no still no sign of the enemy. Waterbridge was again down at the other end of the park somewhere.

It had been nearly 2 1/2 hours, time was runnning out, we were still in the hole 0-2 in score. We retraced our steps as a light rain started to come down. Back on the East Bank and on the main path, I heard noises. We got behind some trees and there was Waterbridge, giving us plenty of warning that they were coming.

In the melee following this ambush, I scored 2 kills and Nibor 1, taking the lead 3-2 and driving them back to the grassy area at the bottom of the entrance path.

Nibor and I moved to counter attempts to flank us, the battle steadily moved uphill along the entrance path, and Belisaurius ran out of water. Instead of running down to refill, he stood there, so the battle became a 2v2 and we were gaining the upper hand. Hannibal ran away after attacking, so we could hit Guderian in a devestating crossfire. Nibor killed him twice to make the score 5-2.

All this occured within a mere 15 minutes. Time expired and we had won, 5-2, a come-from-way-behind victory at the last second. This was one of our best fought battles, despite the two hours in the middle without active engagement.

The road to victory is never easy, and the tables can turn in a matter of minutes.

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