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1st Battle of the Season

Written by DX
Last updated on 2005-04-16

The 3 Militia commanders had a skirmish yesterday. I used my CPS 2500, Nibordude used his CPS 1500, and General Zee used his XP 310. We were too lazy to walk to the park, so we just fought around my house. We played 1HK, tap-shots only. The score didn't matter; everyone got hit multiple times. We were mainly trying out close quarters tactics. There were some very funny moments when 2 people or all 3 of us met unexpectingly at a corner of the house. The XP 310 stood up pretty well to the larger CPS guns. General Zee got several hits on me when I hit him and forgot to keep an eye on the pressure gauge. Most of the time the 2500's range kept him away. Nibor's 1500 had about the same range as my 2500, so we had basically the same amount of kills. He also brought out his CPS 2000 for a round. We are planning a night battle on Sunday, hopefully the weather and temperature holds out.

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