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Opening of the Bay Ambush

Written by DX
Last updated on 2006-06-10

I actually forgot about this until recently, as this happened about 5 years ago. I was up in Duxbury for Memorial Day weekend. The Duxbury Bay Maritime School has an annual "Opening of the Bay" party which includes music, food, and other random stuff. I went with 7 friends and we brought along some water balloons. We filled them at the Yacht Club building and entered the boatyard, which is a cluttered space filled with various sized boats under repair. From there, the crowd of people could be heard on the other side of a large boat that we couldn't see over. We then chucked the balloons over the boat and into the crowd, hoping to hit someone. Unfortunately, we soaked a really fat and strong guy and his even bigger dad. Remember, I was 11 at the time. We RAN LIKE HELL! ninja.gif The 2 people chased us, but were too fat to get into the boatyard [literally] and had to go around it, giving us enough time to flee, jump the fence, and get back to the street. I was later informed that my water balloon hit the dad in the face, perfectly placed! I didn't know because I was the last to throw and had to run immediatly after I lobbed it. 5 of us were able to get a ride home and eagerly got in the van. The other 2 friends had no ride and actually climbed a tree. They stayed up there for 45 minutes. Meanwhile we came to Charlie's house and completely changed clothes. The 2 people we hit prowled the yacht club for hours, as we came back later in the day and saw them lurking around. The moral of the story: Think before you hit a random person with 14 water balloons! At least get a look at them first! laugh.gif Recalling this memory is also a bit depressing, as those were fun times that were my only refuge from the misery that I endured here in Ridgewood at the time. I also have not seen some of those guys since that summer 5 years ago.

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