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The Sivayth Assimilation War I

Written by Viscen Django
Last updated on 2005-10-24

On Saturday, October 8, three people came to the Sivayth Main Base. The following tells the story of their attempted assimilation, the battle to the soaking, and their ultimate defeat...

Prioritus Django stood, BDU jacket gently swaying in the breeze. In his arms, the rather gruff fourteen-year-old held a single Vaporizer. Django gently stamped his combat boots against the tarmac and looked across the field at his opposition, which consisted of two boys and a girl. They had a single Flash Flood between them, and they were regularly passing it around, looking at it, feeling it, examining it. A car and a pickup truck on the opposition’s side of the field provided ample cover; Django’s side had nothing. The hose was on Django’s side of the field, and the opposition had nothing except their Perrier water bottles, which were half-full.

Prioritus Django roared across the field at the enemy. “I’m telling you, Team Sivayth needs people like you! You don’t want to battle me!” His onyx-colored eyes scanned the faces of the opposition and took in every detail. Rick, 8, had sandy hair, blue eyes, and a roundish nose, a sharp contrast to Django’s jet black hair, black eyes, and sharp, angular nose. Dominic, 10, was almost an exact look-alike of his brother, except he was a little bit taller. Lorenna, 14, had jet black, curly hair which hung down to her shoulders. She had deep green eyes and shared Rick’s roundish nose.

Rick merely scoffed, pumped, and shot at Django, who dodged the stream with ease. He continued talking. “We have four people! Four! One more than your three!"

Rick passed the Flash Flood to Dominic, who pumped hastily. Django leaned in and took a shot at Dominic, which hit, leaving a quarter-sized mark on Dominic’s fire-red shirt.

Suddenly, Dominic rushed Django, who began running backwards, taking shots at the opposition. Dominic sent a shotgun-like blast of water at Django, who sidestepped it. Left without air pressure, Dominic started pumping. Django repeatedly took shots at him, pegging him again and again. Suddenly, Dominic dropped the gun and ran straight for the hose, intending to take Django by surprise. However, Django was faster. He overtook Dominic, passed him, turned on the hose, and grabbed the nozzle. Django sprayed an icy blast of freezing water at Dominic, which hit. Dominic took shots at him, but the shots were blocked by the hose’s powerful jet, which bombarded Dominic with icy water. Eventually, Dominic ran away, Rick in tow, and passed the Flash Flood to Lorenna. “Oh, no!” Django exclaimed. “The water supply’s cut off!”

Lorenna, grinning, steadily advanced on Django, who grinned in return. Suddenly, Django laughed and turned the hose back on. “Nice feint, wasn’t it?” he taunted as he sprayed Lorenna with freezing cold water again and again, completely soaking her to the core.

The battle played out in Team Sivayth’s favor. Rick, Dominic, and Lorenna made some critical errors. First, they stood still while pumping, which caused them to be drenched. Second, Lorenna made the mistake of trusting the enemy, something you should never do. These, and other factors, led to their ultimate defeat.

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