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Special Battle Report 2006 08 11

Written by DX
Last updated on 2008-01-24

In battles at Waterbridge, note that you have to walk 2 miles to circumnavigate both banks. Going from the Bluff to the Perfect Ambush position, both in the centers of their banks, is one mile. Going from one end to the other of either bank also is 1 mile. Keep that in mind to get a scope of the insane distances we cover in these wars.

Today's war was the failed Regional War attempt. Out of towners couldn't come, locals couldn't come, the whole thing fell apart. However, we did have a 5 hour 3v3 war among the few who could come. The Ridgewood Militia won it 6-4, extending our undefeated streak.

Ridgewood Militia:

  • Duxburian: CPS 2500/CPS 1100 later
  • Nibordude: CPS 2500
  • Smeasle: CPS 1100/CPS 2500 later


  • Belisaurius: Thunderhead
  • Guderian: XP 240/CPS 2100 later
  • Hannibal: XP 240/XP 310 later

The Pre-Battle Developments:

Well, it became clear that the Regional War was not going to work. So we just made it a normal war, but of Regional War length. Planned for 7 hours, it lasted 5. I also had to glue my cracked 2500 trigger. Belisaurius could not show up until 2 PM. Hannibal and Guderian were outnumbered and with only a pair of XP pistols, since Belisaurius had the good guns and Hannibal's Flash Flood had broken. They planned to hide until Belisaurius showed up.

The Early Developments:

For the first time, the RM took a walk. Normally we start at the Spring St Bridge,

But Waterbridge wanted to wait at the bridge for Hannibal's other shoes to arrive. So we went in first, around the bluff, then back up to check on Waterbridge. On the way, the screw fell out of Smeale's gun. [The 1100 has a pump reinforcement, but no bolt for the screw] Luckily, Nibordude found it on the main path. Meanwhile, Hannibal was still waiting for the shoes. So we walked down to the Grove St Bridge and up the East Bank.

In the middle, near the "Perfect Ambush" [PA] position,

Waterbridge popped up and just as fast vanished. We cautiously moved through the PA and to the Spring St Bridge. When Guderian said they were going to hide and showed us his book, he really meant it. For the next hour and a half, we could not force the enemy to engage or catch more than a second's glance of them.

When Belisaurius finally arrived, we still could not force the enemy to engage or catch more than a second's glance of them. After an hour of circumnavigating the park, we found a troll at the Spring St Bridge.

Nibordude traded frontal fire, while Smeasle and I went for his unprotected back. Smeasle got a sweet shot. 1-0.

The Middle Developments:

Finally score! In 3 hours, we had only made a combined 6 shots, of which 3 were random! Walking down to the Grove St Bridge, things really started to heat up.

A fierce firefight erupted around the Sacred Grove.

Waterbridge withdrew, we pursued. My gun stopped firing, so I came back to the main path to get it to work again. Then, I ran through Telos-Groven up to Ivy Hill as a flank attempt. When I got there, I found all engaged behind the Sacred Grove [next to Ivy Hill]. Belisaurius though, was off doing some outlandish manuever, so my presence tipped the balance, causing Guderian and Hannibal to retreat.

However, Belisaurius re-appeared, so another firefight erupted in the reeds of the Sacred Grove itself.

In the midst of the chaos [manuevering in and around the Sacred Grove is not fast or easy] Smeasle lost the screw again. At the same time and in the same place, my gun stopped shooting again. So there we were, sweeping back reeds looking for a small metal object, with no ability to defend ourselves whatsoever! Luckily, Smeasle found the screw and I got the 2500 to fire again [In order to fire, the repaired trigger has to be pulled further than normal].

Just at that moment, Hannibal and Guderian burst out of nowhere, and since this was a terrible position, we cut and ran after exchanging a few shots. I half dived under Nibordude's covering stream on the way out. Belisaurius got isolated in front of us, but ran across the Grove St Bridge and to who-knows-where. Therefore, with 3 on 2, we were able to beat back Guderian and Hannibal. Rather than have Belisaurius in our rear, we crossed the bridge and onto the East Bank, to make sure he was gone.

He did pop up in our rear, but this time our rear was the bridge. After driving him off, we headed into the reed fringe for an ambush. However, Waterbridge was not supid enough to pursue us in that area. Hearing Waterbridge just across the brook, we took the initiative and crossed back over the bridge to get them. Nibordude sighted Waterbridge not far down the path, so we stopped behind a brier bush.

They moved through the Sacred Grove and towards the 2nd big grove next to Stonewall.

We answered by heading around the swamp, past that grove, and to its rear, on the OB line. Waterbridge disappeared somehow. So we kept on going up to Ivy Hill. No Waterbridge. We moved past Telos-Groven to the Bluff. No Waterbridge. We kept going past the Bluff, which stretched pretty far. Waterbridge! Scrambling up the Bluff, we could see them taking up positions below.

The RM advanced to where the Bluff ends.

Then Nibordude engaged a hidden Hannibal, after we yelled out how his bright green gun gave away his hiding place. I rushed down the bluff to attack Guderian. Belisaurius ambushed Smeasle from just feet in front of his position. 1-1.

The battle on the main path wasn't going so well once Belisaurius was free to flank us from up high. Nibordude and I ran, towards the Concrete Block. I stood atop it to gain height advantage.

Once Waterbridge started to flank it, Nibordude charged them and traded kills. 2-2. I didn't move because my gun stopped pumping and was rather distracted by that.

In the general cool-down period that followed the engagement, my gun started pumping again. Guderian had dropped his 2100, so Nibordude piled leaves on it to hide it.

After refilling from water bottles, we moved up toward the Spring St Bridge, but before we got far, Waterbridge popped up again on the Bluff. We cut past them on the main path and executed a perfect Lightning Oblique, gaining the height unexpectedly fast. Of course, they chose to run away. Rather than pursue into the Telos-Groven reeds,

we resumed our move to the Spring St Bridge and around to PA, where we stashed supplies [I was thristy].

The Late Developments:

So from Perfect Ambush, we doubled back the exact same way, since we heard enemy talking back around the Bluff. My gun wouldn't hold pressure, and since Smeasle was leaving somewhat soon, we swapped guns. Of course it started holding pressure again. Weird gun. Anyway, when we got there [a mile of walking, mind you] Waterbridge was now near where we had been, on the other bank. But when the saw us, they performed a Lightning Ford. We charged to stop it, and that we did. In the center of the park, the brook is held by a retaining wall. The West Bank is steep near the wall. Waterbridge had no hope of driving us back from the gravel bar they stood on.

We were at a complete stand-off. That is, until Nibordude slipped off to attempt a pincer. Smeasle and I had to try and distract the enemy. So we came down into the brook and moved around. When Guderian slipped away, we attacked and drove Belisaurius further down the center of the brook. Hannibal was driven back up to the bank. He and Belisaurius forded and tried to pincer us between them and Hannibal. Instead, we fled on the diagonal to the East bank fringe and setup for defense. Belisaurius actually fell in the brook, luckily for him the suicide clauses were removed this season.

Hannibal went for Smeasle, got him, but also exposed himself to me. Nailed him. 3-3. Nibordude popped up a bit late, and took up an ambush position. Smeasle and I made quite a bit of noise retreating through the reed fringe, so it gave Waterbridge a hint as to where to go. Guderian was closest. He went for the sounds of crackling reeds, then BAM! Nibordude let out a battle cry and nailed him in the chest. 4-3.

Smeasle was getting picked up, so we headed over to the Spring St Bridge in this part of the East Bank:

Guderian and Hannibal gave chase, were thrown back, gave chase again, and engaged us. However, Hannibal forfeited his life out. 5-3. Guderian got Nibordude, and I got him. 6-4. Belisaurius was off doing some outlandish manuever and was a non-factor. We called it quits then, with 6-4 the final score.

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