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Protect the VIP team

Written by atomix
Last updated on 2004-11-21

My eyes made contact with the opposing teams leader as we moved into our bases. Our team was based around commandoes yet theres was based around normal solidiers therefore outnumbering us by 10 people. As we applied our camo paint to our faces, loaded our guns and brainstormed tactics I felt a breeze of confidence whistle through the air. My men were ready to escort the vip to the designated area, which was approximately 800 metres away. The battle field was approximately one acre large, scatered with over sized rocks, as high as 10 metres and other obstacles; an ambushers dream. There was 10 of us and 20of opposing members each more determined than the next to complete our objective.

I decided to think outside the square and create a cache beneath a parked vehicle, which would indeed be hard to access. Having such low numbers meant there was no room for applying excessive positions for my men. The team was divided into:

  • 2 Scouts/Recon armed with an XP 270, 7 water bombs and a water pistol.
  • 4 Snipers armed with Monster XL's
  • 4 COP (Close Combat Personel)

The team had no personel older than 15, therefore making the training concept harder. I gave the team the usual pep talk, ran through the tactics which were at our disposal, battle plan and explained to the VIP what to do in such situations, all of which had been pre-prepared. The other team sounded their whistle, indicating they were ready to commence. As our whistle sounded in responce to the opposing teams, all scouts and snipers moved into position. Basically, the scouts would report of an incomming threats while snipers would provide cover fire while escorting the VIP. After recieving confirmation via radio from all snipers and scouts that they were in position the remaining COP proceeded. The VIP was dressed in blue standing out from the army uniforms surrounding him.

"Three men taking sniper positions, South East, heavily armed, just off the main road." reported one scout. "Roger that scout one, keep the snipers within your range" I replied.

At about 250 metres out, our scouts reported seeing enemy personel advancing at 12 o'clock. Immediatly all the COP scrambled for cover, two advancing while the remaining men aimed their guns at all angles. "Under fire, this is COP one under fire" "Roger that, requesting sniper assistance" "This is sniper 4, I have visual of two further men advancing towards your position" This is sniper 3, I have aquired visual contact of the two men" "This is sniper 1, also have a visual" Reported the snipers. All but one snipers had visual of troops advancing. I had little time to think, as allowing my men to engage would reveal all positions and elimenate the stealth factor. Eagerly, I ordered all troops and scouts to engage. My entire COP team was now running. We went off the main road moving into bushes. "dang" I said with a strain of anger. We were being flanked. The enemy wanted us to engage, in order to reveal our positions. Being at 350 metres, I knew there was long to go yet not much time left until we were greeted by the remaining of the opposing team. "GO GO GO!" I screamed, "MOVE MOVE MOVE". We were met by 10 opposing troops. This was it. All my men literally dived into the surrounding bushes, all under fire by large chunks of water. I could see the dedication my team possesed. We exchanged shots for about 40 seconds until the 10 enemy troops were shot. "GO GO GO" We met with our scouts, who were steadily advancing while being unseen, who joined our unit. I commanded the snipers to advance one hundred metres. Being at 500 metres I knew we were almost there. Not one team member of mine had been knocked out yet. It must have been somthing I was thinking that well... jinxed the moment, if you will. Suddenly one of my men yelled "WATER BOMB BOOBY TRAPS DIRECTLY BENEATH YOU TEAM!" but it was too late, explosions were going off beneath my troops feat. Being in the formation we were in, only three men were knocked out. Suddenly three troops were advancing towards us, being undetected by all four snipers. A barrage of water bombs flew towards the enemy troops. They were immediately knocked out but unfourtunally we were taking heavy casualities. Two snipers were gone with the remaining under fire. 500 Metres left.

My team was training to run while under heavy fire, while dodging obsitcles and talking so this wasn't as hard as it'd be for others. "GO GO GO" I commanded. Suddenly 20 or so water bombs were raining down at us from the heavens. "WATER BOMBS AHEAD TEAM, MMOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE" I screamed. The reacation time we had was unbelievable, I managed to alert the team and have them scramble for cover before the bombs hit the floor. While speaking to my scout while advancing his shoulder flew back. We were once again under fire by water bombs from an unknown location. This time they were flying at about 30MPH. I got the team to go prown/lie down. I commanded the snipers to join our formation, the scouts to advance as two in the formation of a scattered column and two COP personel to split up and flank the enemy base, which was spotted at about 80 metres away. We were at 500 metres, confidence and desire filled my teams eyes. The entire opposing team was elimenated, all except for their leader. He was awaiting us at the destination the VIP was to be escorted. He was spotted at 100 metres out. I had two men flank him from behind, both holding their fire. I decided it was time to have some fun. The snipers took a defensive position and had him in their sights. "FIIIIIRRRREEEEEEEEE!" Approximately 3 water bombs hit the opposing team leader, water beams from behind, left, right and center struck him. This definately had him confused and scared. The VIP was then escorted. Having won the mission, my troops aligned themselves in a straight line, to hear from me. I spoke about the one or two flaws we expirenced, enemy team tactics and finally OUR VICTORY!


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