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The value of shot time

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2006-04-22

A new strategy and concept—an assault team of only one type of gun—long shot time CPS homemades. I long have thought this would be the ultimate combination, and it's about time I put forth my views in some sort of article. I'm not talking about my old "Leftovers" gun. That was great when it came to shot time, but it wasn't enough. Even still, this strategy does stem completely from my experiences with that gun.

When you take a CPS core, 3/16" ID Latex Rubber Tubing in this case, and slap on a small nozzle, the result is great range that is equal to that of most CPS weapons! This isn't the insane sniper type range of 50 feet plus as seen in today's modifications and homemades. What I describe accepts the fact that those guns will shoot farther, and uses it to it's own advantage. I would walk around with Leftovers, shooting, for minutes! You never realize how powerful a force this is until you see it for yourself.

Power is different here. Instead of dishing out a large amount of water in a relatively short time, this is the exact opposite, purposely reducing output for added shot time. Your shot time must be as long as possible while still retaining a potent stream. This strategy relies heavily on the fact that people must always pump most guns. It will only work against those users–using this strategy against itself will only be a battle of skill and luck. A gun with a super-extended shot time must be used.

Take 3 or 4 pieces of Latex Rubber Tubing and make some sort of backpack configuration–this will provide extended shot time of over 10 minutes if filled enough. A nozzle of 1/16" should provide a powerful, high-pressure, 1X to 2X stream that just keeps pounding! Some may tell you that you're under-powered, but you know that's far from the truth. Many people waste water with large shots–in a battle, they may shoot at you with a short burst, but the eternity between shots is when you'll hit!

Think of this as someone with a huge cannon trying to hit you with a missile from 50 feet when you have a machine gun! Yes, the situation is just the same. Time in-between shots in where you'll win. Your shot appears to never end! Of course, the fact that your shot appears to never end does present a problem. You may quickly become over-confident, wasting your water or not taking note of your current reservoir level. This is not a strategy to play dumb. It is powerful only when you play it smart.

Special tactics for this strategy are quite abundant. If you catch your opponent for long enough, it will cause a retreat and a chase–ultimately a kill. So much in water warfare relies on the fact that you must always reload your weapon. This breaks that barrier.

In response to this strategy, some have brought up the fact that you can "tap" the shots of most guns to extend their shot time, as if it defeats this strategy. With tap shots, you are using nearly the same strategy as here–outlasting your opponents. However, you are losing an important aspect of water guns–the ability to adjust the trajectory of your shot during the shot. To use tap shots requires you to be confident with your aim, which may or may not be a problem.

The people who bring up tap shots also seem to forget that you can tap shot a gun designed with this strategy in mind as well. The minutes of shot time here can be extended into many thousands of shots if you wish.

Modern technical knowledge can help make water guns using this strategy more effective as well. A conical nozzle can use the Venturi effect to increase pressure, maintain laminar flow, and ultimately increase range. Putting CPS chambers on the front and back of a backpack also are possibilities to increase capacity without decreasing mobility. And as always, if a frame backpack is used, you can expect to carry more water, if that is your preference.

In the future, I hope to make a simple homemade water gun with CPS to use this strategy. I expect nothing less than victory each time I use this gun. Of course, most of my enemies wouldn't expect someone with a low-power gun attaining victory, but think of that as a form of deception. Not all is as it seems!

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