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Written by DX
Last updated on 2007-05-29

  • Subject Type: Abstract Concept
  • Subject Level: 2 [Fairly Basic]
  • Recommended Progression Level Range: Novice - Fluid
  • Recommended Caliber Range: Normal - Hardcore
  • Recommended Game Type Families: OHK, OHS, OSF

The title makes this article pretty obvious. Basically, you'll learn how to wield speed. Using speed correctly can make the difference between pulling off a stunning tactic or having it fail miserably.

Speed up your actions

In general, you don't want to waste time in a war. Sometimes you do, but that's a different article. Speeding up your most basic things frees up more time to do what you came to do: make kills, score points, and/or soak enemies. For a first example, take refilling. Refilling can take 5 minutes, or it can take 2. While refilling, an individual is exceptionally vulnerable to rush and charge variants, as well as artillery-based bombardment variants. You should get to the source, refill, and leave as quickly as possible. Also, you don't want to be talking about sports, news, hot girls, or the such while refilling. Focus on what you are doing and don't delay or get distracted. In fact, don't say a word. Talking is one of the best ways to give away your position.

Another example is simple advances. When moving from point A to point B, don't just stroll down the path/street/whatever like you've got all day. You don't want to waste time here, especially if you are currently losing. Casually walking when you don't need to may waste up to half of a battle's total fighting time. It may also get you into trouble. Too often I've taken my time passing through a highly undesirable area only to be attacked there. If you are passing through a known bottleneck or ambush area, clear it ASAP! Taking things at a run may break up an enemy ambush altogether, particularly the more sophisticated ambush variants.

Speed up your tactics and strategies

Adding speed to certain tactics greatly enhances them, others are changed into more deadly variants. For example, one of the best methods for taking a hill is a Hill Oblique. However, this standard tactic often doesn't work because the enemy defense often has time to shut it down. If you add speed, the Hill Oblique becomes the much more potent Hill Blitz. By sprinting up the hill and reaching the enemy line swiftly, you are denying them time to think up a counter. The less time they have to come up with a counter, the greater chance they won't and will be forced to flee.

I have a real life example to show you the difference that a little speed makes here. In one of my local parks there is a position called Ivy Hill. The Ridgewood Militia, my team, was holding it one war when Waterbridge, the enemy team, appeared at the base. They performed a Hill Charge and began attacking. We countered with a simple Mirror Defense, nothing special at all, and held for roughly half an hour. In fact, Waterbridge was not able to take the hill. Now the very next war, the Ridgewood Militia came upon an empty-looking Ivy Hill while Sweeping for the enemy. Waterbridge had set up a perfect Defenders' Ambush on the hill, but popped out way too early, allowing us to escape what could have been a stunning reverse. We then formed up and executed a perfect Right Hill Blitz to try and Sweep them off the hill to the left. Waterbridge's defense of Ivy Hill lasted no more than 20-30 seconds. We were at the top and they were running in basically the blink of an eye.

Use your fast players to an advantage

Well, duh. If you've got naturally quick team members, they can be a valuable asset. Never underestimate the influence a single fast warrior can bear. Such a person can actually penetrate deep into enemy controlled territory and return without taking a single drop of water. A speedy player may even be able to cover more than one flank in a Mirror Defense.

Here's a pretty unusual real life example: Waterbridge was in a series of bushes near the OB line at their park. My team was dispersed in a broad Mirror Offense, trying to approach through the thorny vegetation in front of the enemy position. The enemy right lay wide open as a potential escape route. I was covering the enemy center [1 of me holding 3 of them mind you] when I saw them moving to my left. Having no support, I sprinted over to block the right alone. Waterbridge had to turn around and then made a move on the center to divide my team. So I sprinted back to the center to block again. There was chaotic fighting going on at our right, but here, we were at a totally silent stalemate. Of course, Waterbridge figured out that if they split up, I couldn't counter all of them, hence the end of that.


There are situations when using too much speed will hurt you. You obviously don't want maneuvers to become reckless [other than the Adrenaline Charge and Iron Will]. Recklessness may open the door for costly mistakes. The majority of reverses and kills are made when someone makes a mistake. Tactics using speed naturally, such as the Sprinters' Pursuit, require caution in order to avoid counters like the Sprinters' Ambush. However, you almost always want to make haste while refilling and maneuvering. Like with most concepts, you can also wield speed as a trick. You may purposely take your dear sweet time refilling, making a ton of noise. When the enemy comes running up, they'll see your team looking vulnerable. They will probably forget that a single guy might be hiding somewhere near the refilling area, ready to spring an ambush. Fast runners can also be used in a Distraction Ambush. Let them run around and draw the enemy off its guard. Meanwhile, the real threat is slowly approaching the enemy out of sight. As always, be creative!

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