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Super Soaker CPS 1000

Last updated on 2008-01-16

CPS 1000 Images: 1, 2, 3, 4 Product Details Specifications
ManufacturerLarami TypeSpherical CPS
Release Year1998 Reservoir Capacity2000 mL (67 oz)
End Year1999 Chamber Capacity600 mL (20 oz)
AvailabilityDiscontinued Pump Capacity27.17 mL (1 oz)
Original Price Shots Per Tank3
Typical eBay Price Pumps Until Full22
LineCPS Weight Empty47 oz.
PatentsD413,364 Weight Full114 oz.
Marks5 Dimensions23 in. x 11.25 in.
NozzleLevel RangeAngled RangeAverage OutputShot Time
5x35 ft42 ft5.22 oz/s3.96 s
10.67 m12.80 m151.5 mL/s

The Dark Annihilator's Review

The CPS 1000 is an excellent soaker for fighters who like to move around, not just because it is small in size and it has a strap, making it possible to carry 2 guns with no problems, but also because it has a power which surpasses the power of the CPS 2100 and the Monster X. The shot of the CPS 1000 is even explosive, once you pull the trigger. However, one of the drawbacks of the CPS 1000 is the shorter shot time compared to other CPS weapons. Also its construction is very fragile at the pump. In the heat of battle, pumping to wildly can cause the pump to break. So one has to keep a cold head while using the pump. The 5X nozzle will conserve water, but is not able fight head on against CPS soakers with higher soakage. It's more of a sniping, mobile, untelegraphed weapon, and used as such will prove to be very helpful in battle. Its mobility and power is its strength. It also has a nice look. The CPS 1000 shape and color scheme makes it appear like a small CPS 2000. As a side arm I would recommend a Max-D 6000, Max-D Secret Strike or a CPS 2100. A CPS 1000 and CPS 2100 would make an excellent team. If you ever see a CPS 1000 at your local store, buy it. It's very rare now, since it has been discontinued for around 4 years. And even if it wasn't a rarity, it still is a good soaker to use in battle.

Budgie's Review

The CPS-1000 is many peoples' favorite overall water weapon of choice and is my second pick next to the CPS-1700. The 1000 has excellent range great power and a sleek and stylish design while not looking goofy. Event though it may be small it kicks major butt being the size of a XP-110 but power never imagined in the XP days. It has a decent sized reservoir and doesn't require much pumps to charge compared to most other CPS. The pump itself is sturdy enough but don't leave it extended if you fall you pump snaps you gun breaks you will be mad. Like every other CPS, the 1000's strap has a tenancy to fall of in the middle of battle. In terms of refills it goes smooth it has a handle to hold onto for a quick and easy refills. Just don't be too trigger-happy and this is the weapon for you if you want CPS power but not CPS weight.

Wild Boy's Review

The CPS 1000 is one of the best weapons made by Super Soaker. It is small and is a great offensive and defensive weapon at the same time. The power and steam size is great for soaking someone in one shot and would do great in a battle. When I used it in a battle it really held my enemy back. What also helps is that pumping on it is easy and fast despite the pump not being tracked. This is really the only problem that you have to be careful with on this on this gun as it will break if being used improperly. The short shot time is a bit of a con but since it is fast and easy to pump it is not too much of a problem. If you see one of these pick it up as they are becoming rare now. Try eBay for one. I recommend this gun.

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11998OriginalSuperiorNozzle piece can be screwed off; easiest to modify.
21998RereleaseInferiorLater 1998 release; nozzle piece can be screwed off; trigger harder to pull; hard to modify.
3RereleaseSuperiorNozzle glued in place; hardest to modify.
4Super Shooter 2000SuperiorThe only fake that is good.

Left, CPS 1000 prototype; right, mass-market release.

  • Statistics, Photos, and Pros/Cons by Ben
  • Internals Photo by ShadowStalker
  • Review by The Dark Annihilator
  • Review by Budgie
  • Review by Wild Boys
  • Great power for its size
  • Lightweight
  • Great Range
  • Strap
  • Non-guided pump
  • Single nozzle

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