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CPS Reviews

Last updated on 2008-01-15



The CPS series was Larami's first series to include water guns with inflatable rubber bladders--CPS technology. These bladders allowed performance to remain roughly the same throughout a shot and for the stream to take less bends to get to the firing valve. Performance was improved dramatically; so much that this was the most powerful series of Super Soakers ever. Many collectors are willing to pay much money to buy any of these nowadays.

Common Pros

  • Powerful
  • Excellent reservoir capacity
  • Excellent chamber capacity
  • High output
  • High range
  • Little if any dropoff

Commons Cons

  • Rare and expensive now
  • Pull valves instead of ball valves


Name Year Type
CPS 1-3-5 2002 Spherical CPS
CPS 1000 1998 Spherical CPS
CPS 1200 2000 Spherical CPS
CPS 1500 1998 Spherical CPS
CPS 1700 2000 Spherical CPS
CPS 2000 1996 Cylindrical CPS
CPS 2100 2002 Spherical CPS
CPS 2500 1998 Cylindrical CPS
CPS 2700 2000 Spherical CPS
CPS 3000 1998 Cylindrical CPS
CPS 3200 2000 Cylindrical CPS
CPS 4100 2002 Cylindrical CPS
CPS Splashzooka 2001 Cylindrical CPS



Common Modifications

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