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Super Soaker CPS 1200

Last updated on 2008-01-16

CPS 1200 Images: 1 Product Details Specifications
ManufacturerLarami TypeSpherical CPS
Release Year2000 Reservoir Capacity2300 mL
End Year2001 Chamber Capacity620 mL
AvailabilityDiscontinued Pump Capacity31 mL
Original Price Shots Per Tank
Typical eBay Price Pumps Until Full20 to 22
LineCPS Weight Empty
Patents Weight Full
Marks4 Dimensions23 in. by 11 in.
NozzleLevel RangeAngled RangeAverage OutputShot Time
5xft40 ft6.89 oz/ss
m12.20 m 207 mL/s

Sapper's Review

The nozzle of the CPS 1200 is rated by Larami at 5X. The blaster shoots about as far as my Monster (2001). It takes about 16-19 pumps to fully pressurize the the pressure chamber. Also, the gun shoots for about four seconds and then drops off. The strap and handle make it easy to climb, run, and refill. The reservoir will get you three good shots and one misty one; if you overload, you will get four good shots and one misty one. The blaster feels good to hold and the nozzle has a slight push back to it. If you consider buying a CPS 1200, make sure it is the 2001 colors (silver and purple) because the 2000 colors (yellow and pink) will make your opponent laugh at you, which could be good because then you would get extra soaking time.

The CPS 1200 is a light cannon, that is, heavier than a rifle but lighter than a heavy duty blaster. The blaster has been called the standard Super Soaker by many people, and can fit with that name, too. The weapon can be used as a primary weapon for smaller kids, or, if you think you are strong enough, it makes a great side arm for weapons such as the CPS 2000, CPS 2500, or CPS 2700. A great combo is the CPS 1200 and a 2001 Monster. The blaster could pretty much be used for anything such as fighting, sniping, scouting, or pretty much anything else!

Freakymist's Review

The CPS 1200 is my second favorite soaker. It is fairly similar to the CPS 1700 and was the replacement for the CPS 1000. The white tube pump is rather weak, and it feels like it could snap. The water capacity is perfect for the size of this blaster. Not only that but the nozzle will saturate anything in it's path. There were two models of this soaker released, one with cool silver and purple colors and the ugly one with yellow and purple. Unfortunately, I got the ugly yellow one. The range of this soaker is awesome for its size. The power matches up to the range. This soaker does not take a lot of pumps to pressurize.

Drenchenator's Review

The CPS 1200 is my favorite stock soaker that I own. The gun has good range and a nice output. In most respects it is the same as the CPS 1000. The gun is very well designed and comforms well to the body. The reservoir capacity suffices and the pump could be built better, but I think we have winner here.

ZOCCOZ's Review

Well, the filling is relatively easy just like any small CPS cannon. Fairly sturdy build and no major leaks. The pumping is very easy and smooth. Not as durable as a trackmounted pump, but then again trackmounted pumps are less smooth when pumping.

Performance is where it shines. I remember when I sold CPS 1200s on ebay 2004, I mentioned that it is more powerfull than a CPS 2100, and other sellers(who sold CPS 2100s) where calling me a liar since that somewhat ruined their claim of their item being the most powerfull soaker on ebay. Well, I wasn't lieing, and it is a very likely fact. The first second of output of the CPS 1200 in this review got around 275 ml. Thats 9.1X. Obviously, not every second will have 9X output, since the PC would have to be around 800 ml large. So the output would whine down to the end around 7X-5.5X at the last second. To show that I am not bull-EESting you, I even made a litle domo clip of the 1 econd output. Which shows that a CPS stream might not be so constant with output than usualy believed.

Also, the achieved distance was a 40-45 feet. Which is impressive for a small CPS cannon and fairly better than the 35-40 that most of my CPS 2100s got in the past. I said it a few times before, and I will say it again. The CPS 1200 is probably my favorite small CPS cannon(and I have used them all) and very underated in forums. I like it more than the CPS 2100, just a tad more than the CPS 1000, and alot more than the Blazer. Unless someone is very desperate for a large vararity of nozzle selections and prefers those over raw power, the old CPS 1200 is a good choice over anything right now in retail.

I also used the grey CPS 1200 version, and it felt weaker and distance seems less to. The internals are also somewhat different. So if you get a CPS 1200, you will have to decide if you want power or looks when it comes to the different versions.

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12000OriginalSuperiorYellow body; nozzle cover lighter in color than mark 2; nozzle cover not glued on; relief valve opens at relatively high pressures.
22000OriginalInferiorYellow body; nozzle cover darker in color than mark 1; nozzle cover glued on; relief valve opens at relatively low pressures.
32001RereleaseSuperiorSilver body; two notches on trigger; trigger thicker than 4 mm (5/32 in).
42001RereleaseInferiorSilver body; one notch on trigger; trigger thinner than 4 mm (5/32 in).

Left, CPS 1200 mark 1 or 2; right, CPS 1200 mark 3 or 4.

  • Review and Statistics by ZOCCOZ
  • Pros/Cons by Ben
  • Review by Sapper
  • Review by Freakymist
  • Review by Drenchenator
  • Photo by darth20
  • Great power and range
  • Strap
  • Little pumps
  • Good nozzle size
  • Good water capactity
  • Bad Colors
  • Weak Pump

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